WordPress lover by short, with 10+ years of Web Development, Started working with WP by the release of version 2.8 ( 2009 ) and since then I learned so much from the core itself and challenges I faced with clients to do what they need using WordPress. Also love Laravel framework which I can integrate with WP. Before all of that I was an RIA Developer using Adobe Flash and Flex for 5 years, Old school stuff.

I can help you with:
– customizing themes and plugins
– creating custom plugins and/or integrate with other plugins
– Integrate with Laravel framework
– Creating themes and child themes
– Optimizing plugins’ and themes’ security, speed and performance
– Skilled Mobile Development team (iOS & Android) for native apps and REST API

Partner Mobile Developer Team: Socyle

Socyle Team

How a US-based consultancy beefed up their client base

How a US-based consultancy beefed up their client base

Best review of I had so fare

Best review of I had so fare

Certified Codeable WordPress Expert

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Codeable Best review award “3rd time” of the week 04-Sep-2016 Wohooo

Best review of the week 04-Sep-2016

Codeable Best review award “2nd time” of the week 05-Jun-2016 and Week ending 12-Jun-2016

Best review award "2nd time" of the week

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Best review of the week 13-Mar-2016

Customer reviews

Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-03-30T17:11:33Z 5
Project rating:

Nabeel was easy to work with. He came up with some ideas for my project that I hadn't even thought of.

Bo Ray
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-03-30T14:04:39Z 5
Project rating:

Great consultation

Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-03-30T12:28:29Z 5
Project rating:

Iulian Olaru
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-03-24T17:24:07Z 5
Project rating:

Robert Cekan
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-03-17T13:24:04Z 5
Project rating:

Freaking ROCK STAR! Hands down my go to PHP master jedi! Thanks again Nabeel.

Evan Henry
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-03-16T22:29:34Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent work by Nabeel. He came to the meeting prepared with recommendations and explanations, and even fixed a problem on the spot. Will happily work with him again.

Peter Dalmaris
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-03-12T16:16:25Z 5
Project rating:

Very efficient and solved problems quickly !!!

Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-02-28T12:50:04Z 5
Project rating:

Robert Cekan
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-02-25T21:51:09Z 5
Project rating:

Very Happy with Nabeel. Was very easy to work with

Greg Capra
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-01-30T13:42:03Z 5
Project rating:

Robert Cekan
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-01-29T13:38:22Z 5
Project rating:

James Scaggs
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-01-24T21:19:38Z 5
Project rating:

Thanks for ALL Your help! Nabeel, far exceeded the hours he planned on this project. I'm so happy he stuck in there until it was done.

Deborah Naugle
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-01-22T18:15:40Z 5
Project rating:

Nabeel worked fast, delivered the solution I was after and more. He also communicated really well during the entire project. I will definitely want to work with Nabeel again :)

David Boll
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-01-21T20:38:28Z 5
Project rating:

If you need WordPress help, hire Nabeel!

Mike Sweeney
Nabeel Molham | TeamYea 2020-01-19T13:40:29Z 5
Project rating:

Great work, quick communication, straight forward. Thanks!

Jerim TSA