When faced with a big challenge involving some deep understanding of an out-of-date WordPress plugin that powered a client’s website, BisonTech realized they had to pull out their big guns if they didn’t want to lose that job. With low expectations, due to some previous unhappy experiences in hiring contractors, BisonTech has now found a reliable business partner in Codeable and is able to address all their WordPress custom requests with unparalleled standards.

The scenario


How would you feel if you had the chance to work with a business that helps people find and adopt adorable puppies ? Unless you’re Cruella de Vil, I guess you’d feel excited to start helping such business! This is pretty close to what Evan Henry from BisonTech felt when he was able to land a new and interesting client working in the puppy breeders business in the central Pennsylvania region.

With a diverse range of tools and competencies, BisonTech is a consultancy firm that is able to address several business needs while delivering custom solutions to their clients. However, one day as they started digging into a client’s business website, they found some issues they couldn’t solve with their in-house resources yet they had to take care of them.

The problem

Updating plugins and/or themes might sound like an easy type of action that many WordPress users do regularly, yet it is a crucial one. And when Evan looked at his client’s business website, he found out that it hadn’t been updated for a long time, leaving the whole environment open to external attacks and not working to its full potential. The website Evan was called to look into and update runs on Pods Framework which, roughly speaking, is a plugin that enhances the core functionalities provided by WordPress by extending custom post types, content types, taxonomies, users, media, and the like.

Since the Pods plugin was the heart and soul of the website, it had to be updated to its latest version so the client would benefit from the new features and fixes available. But things got complicated for Evan:

Evan Henry BisonTech

Little did I know that roughly 90% of what was built prior was no longer functional in the newer version and/or needed a tremendous amount of database modifications etc.

And things got even worse for me because no one over at Pods support even worked there when the first version of the plugin, namely 1.x.x, was released.

To those who lack an entrepreneurial mindset, this scenario might look like a dead end. But that was not the case for Evan, who was determined to provide his client with the best outcome possible. And that’s when he turned to Codeable:

I began my Codeable journey with the intent to hire an expert in WordPress who is extremely confident in their ability to work w/ Pods version 1.X.X and upgrade/migrate to latest version 2.X.X

Delegating to others, and doing it the right way, isn't something they teach you in school. And when it comes to work, when you’re working with other professionals to help you move forward, it’s a matter of two essential qualities: trust and quality.

The leap

Like many of us, Evan was struggling with these same emotions and thoughts in his head: is outsourcing to Codeable the most beneficial solution to my business? Will I end up losing my time and resources in doing that? Will the quality provided be able to stand up to my high standards?

To be honest, I was expecting a sketchy work ethic and flawed delivery like I’ve experienced before with other outsourcing channels. Let’s just say the bar was pretty low...

He wasn’t new to online outsourcing, though, and was happy to see Codeable as a completely different safe environment where the quality provided is unmatched:

I have used other outsourcing marketplaces and platforms before in the past. The quality of services provided is unmatched on Codeable and ensures that my time isn't going to be wasted with developers who are just blindly bidding on projects. [...] Additionally, unlike the spammy nature of individuals over on some platforms looking to make a quick buck or simply add projects to their portfolio, Codeable developers are already experts and I don’t have to worry about being a "test subject"

Codeable specializes in WordPress only and is completely focused on delivering high-quality work, to such an extent that the Pods plugin support team recommended it too. Thus, Evan was confident enough to "take the leap" and outsource his project.

In the past, the contractors' quality might have been something that could keep Evan up at night. However, as he started working with Codeable experts, every fear and concern faded away:

They’re a few notches behind the creators of liquid gold "Mountain Dew", miles above those "shady" one-off "developers" you've used before, and simply BAD ASS with ALL THINGS WORDPRESS… and beyond!

The end result

While it might have looked like a huge issue to address initially, it pushed Evan and his consulting business to think of a smart way to overcome their challenge. After some concerns raised by previous (and unhappy) experiences with other outsourcing platforms, BisonTech is now able to scale its business because they finally built a reliable WordPress partnership. In Evan’s words:

Evan Henry BisonTech-2

Codeable has enabled my business to scale larger projects and/or multiple projects that I would typically decline due to lack of time. I strategically outsource the more ‘advanced and/or time consuming’ tasks to my trusted developers at Codeable like Nabeel Molham.

Being able to work with WordPress professionals, whom you can trust, helps create a new type of workflow that perfectly resonates and integrates within your company and peers. This will also give you a "sense of workflow harmony" that works as a huge boost for the overall productivity.

Consulting businesses have to constantly be able to provide their clients with top-notch, quality-driven, complete solutions if they want to succeed in the long run. And that what’s happening at BisonTech, since they met Codeable:

I see BisonTech Consulting growing in leaps and bounds moving forward. This is not the typical wishful thinking of another entrepreneur, but a proven fact which I can validate with countless successful projects and continuous communication with my trusted developer Nabeel Molham!

Life isn't always sunshine and puppies but when you’ve met with such a reliable business partner, no constraints will ever be strong enough to prevent your business from jumping higher and running faster.

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