Too many poor outsourcing experiences made a web agency’s founder disenchanted about outsourcing WordPress development. When he decided to give it “one last try” he did it on Codeable and from that day on, they've increased 3x their revenue and kept growing on a monthly basis

The scenario

Xciting Web Design

Franz Sauerstein is the founder of Xciting Webdesign, a web agency that focuses in helping small-to-medium sized businesses generate more revenue with 3 area of expertise: WordPress web design, WooCommerce Shop solutions and online marketing. A data-driven approach to unlock profits for clients is a distinguishing feature within Xciting Webdesign business strategy.

Like many business owners, Franz is always looking for smarter, more cost-effective ways to grow his business and outsourcing part of the development wasn’t new to him. Actually, he tried many marketplaces in the past to scout for WordPress developers but he was never happy with the results, mostly because they failed to address his business needs in several ways.

Specifically, his past outsourcing experiences were bad under three aspects:

  • quality of the code being too low
  • poor communications with so-called WordPress professionals
  • lack of any kind of support

With such experiences, it isn’t hard to imagine how outsourcing wasn’t a viable option to grow his agency. At least he thought so at that time until he “saw WooCommerce featuring Codeable on their website as a new and upcoming startup with a new approach to outsourcing development work online”.

The thing that resonated the most in his entrepreneurial mind was Codeable’s pricing strategy, where experts provide quotes (no bids) and are only allowed to chime in on tasks and projects they’re 100% confident they can to address in a timely manner. In Franz words:

Instead of a race to the bottom, a median-bid dictated price and you are free to choose from the experts who makes the best impression on you: clearly a pricing model that attracts high-quality.

High-quality developers and no bidding wars echoed in his entrepreneurial mind and convinced him to give outsourcing a new try with Codeable.

The problem

Even if Franz decided to give outsourcing another try, he still had some concerns about whether Codeable was able to provide what his agency needed. In his head, questions have been left unanswered for quite some time:

Coming from other outsourcing sites I had very low expectations. Can they deliver what I need in time, with the quality I need and without causing me the extra hassle?

That was the main question Franz needed an answer to. And coming from bad outsourcing experiences, that answer had to be way more than good. It had to be the best one available.

Franz Sauerstein testimonial image

The leap

It was a make it or break it thing for Franz, and thanks to the high-quality standards provided by Codeable experts, their fast responses and input, together with a successful first project, he changed his mind about outsourcing and found himself confident in posting new tasks and projects.

Specifically Franz has been working with Codeable for the last year, posting around 27 WordPress requests between tasks and projects combined, and worked with several of our developers.

One of whom is Tom Morton, and this what Franz thinks of his work:

I am convinced that Tom Morton is not a developer - he must be a wizard using magic lost to the ages to deliver outstanding results in the shortest amounts of time. Hire him over at Codeable for your WordPress-tasks and be bewitched!

Can you believe this amazing praise came from a web agency owner who was disappointed, disenchanted and had almost no faith left towards outsourcing companies?

The end result

With renewed faith in outsourcing, paired with top-grade developers, Franz has been able to scale his business up and grow ever since. Freed from development tasks and with a whole team of trusted WordPress professionals on his side, Franz started to focus on his agency's business strategy, accomplishing significant results:

Codeable has helped triple my agency's revenue because I always know that the perfect dev for every task is just a click away. Love it.

To number fanatics that can be translated into 150%+ in his web agency’s revenue in 1 year. And that’s a goal Franz has reached implementing outsourcing development with Codeable as part of his business strategy. Since he improved the way he managed projects and remote developers, Franz has been able to profit from outsourced tasks and projects as well.

I will keep using Codeable as I scale up my agency and add new products to our portfolio.

Xciting Webdesign is now a growing business, featuring an empowered strategy that fully integrates and leverages outsourcing development within a data-driven web agency. How cool is that!

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