It’s been a little over a month since we launched Codeable, and I’m proud to announce the second version (V2) of the application has just been deployed. We think it is a great improvement over the first version since we modified it according to the feedback we've got so far.

We got some things wrong

Like any other startup, we have made quite a few assumptions (hypotheses) how a perfect client-contractor project would look like, and admittedly, some of these assumptions were wrong.

The first one was the real-time approach. It turned out that clients usually don’t require contractors to do the work the second it is published. They can wait a few minutes, if not hours, it’s more important to them which contractor will do the project.

We also thought that clients have at least some kind of idea what their projects are worth. Well, we thought wrong. And I can prove it with numerous support tickets we got where clients asked us how much money should they put in for a particular project. Replying to all was quite time-consuming but a great learning experience, since we got to talk to them.

Because of pricing cluelessness, many prospective clients didn't even bother putting a project in and rather just went away - which we deeply regret.


V2 is now here and it solves these flaws (not all of them, we have to leave some for V3, after all); Posting projects is now completely free, so if you have a project and don’t know how much is it worth - just put it in, and receive suggestions (estimates) from our contractors right away!

All actions also trigger email notifications, so if you don’t have the time to attend to the project now, no problem - you can safely leave and be notified when contractors send you an estimate or comment on your project. You also pay for the project when you’re ready to begin with work and not a second earlier.

We are still working on detailed contractor pages (where you’ll be able to see their past work, ratings, bio…), so for now we just added a couple of last reviews on their application card which will hopefully make it easier for all clients to decide.

But the truth is, they shouldn't have to decide - we only hire the best ones :)