In an economy where 36% of the workforce in the U.S. and more than 15% in the European Union is freelancing, you won't have a hard time finding a WordPress freelancer.

Your issues start when you want and need to find a quality WordPress developer or a specialist.

How can you be sure you're engaging with the right candidates and make them keen to be working with you? On a side note: if they enjoy working with you, they're more likely to go the extra mile more frequently.

Hiring and working with quality outsourced WordPress developers seems to be the hardest thing to accomplish these days. In fact, even if you already know where and how to find them, you're still faced with huge walls you need to overcome:

The short answer is: you need to do your homework. But there's more to that, of course!

All successful client-developer working relationships have all one common trait: both parties do their job to make the other part's job as frictionless as possible.

And how do you know what things are important to a WordPress developer? You ask them what they value them most!

That's what I did: I asked our 300+ Codeable experts what are the most important factors, aspects, and things a client would need to do to earn the "perfect client" status.

Thanks to these insights and feedback, I put together all the main things you need to take into account for building a fruitful working relationship with your outsourced WordPress developer.

Pay attention from now on: some of them could be real dealbreakers... and you surely don't want to overlook them!

Working With An Outsourced Developer — Your Visual Guide

Visual Guide To Working With An Outsourced WordPress Developer

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Wrapping up

Luck is where opportunity meets preparation — Seneca

When it comes to working with developers, it might not seem the easiest task to do as a business owner because you're required to do your part as well. Specifically, I always like to say:

The success of your WordPress project is strictly related to and affected by how effectively you and your developer work together.

Before you make a decision about whether you deem improving the working relationship with your developers worth doing, please be aware that the type of client you choose to be provides you with different business paths:

a) Asking for things to be done and be waiting will bring you always uncertain results or, when you're lucky, average ones.

b) Being a careful, proactive client will bring you always the best possible outcomes you could ever have reached in that scenario. All without the need of bringing in Lady Luck or any other "force" you're not in control of.

Which results are you looking to achieve with your business?