As days pass by, you don't always have the chance to stop and realize how far you've come. We're constantly focused on the next thing on our to-do list, and always keep looking forward on our future to plan our lives. But today we're pushing the "pause" button, taking a moment to celebrate our 3rd birthday with you!

Yes, Codeable is now a 3-year-old super happy company!

We've experienced such a tremendous response from the WordPress community along the road, and have clients and experts around the world telling us how we've been able to change their lives for the better. In these 3 short years, we've been able to achieve some pretty incredible milestones, but that's something you already know.

So here's a cool infographic summing up never-released data you might find interesting:

bday infographic

Here's to a fantastic 2016 and we wish y'all the very best!