More and more small businesses rely on staff augmentation to handle peaks in their business and extend their skills. With access to Codeable’s pre-screened developers, BeefySites was able to take on more projects and offer broader services.

Thanks to Codeable, BeffySites CEO Jared gets to spend more time with his family again._

The Challenge

For many small business owners, this is a familiar balancing act: You are** trying to expand your business but are not quite ready to hire** additional full-time staff yet. You end up turning down clients, that would have provided you with the boost necessary to hire up in the first place - and you’re back to square one.

The Solution

When Jared over at BeefySites was thinking about this problem, he started outsourcing smaller portions of projects to Codeable, initially as an experiment. Now one year a happy client, Codeable developers have become a regular extension of his own team.

Not only are they available within hours, Jared also has a few preferred developers to work with by now. They know each other and process has become as easy as it can get. Ray is one of Jared’s regular developers. He specializes in WooCommerce, plugins and fixes. This is what Jared thinks about him:

"Ray Is an amazing guy to work with. Super responsive, and gets it done right the first time. I have been hiring coders for years, and he is the best I have ever come across. He does what it takes everytime to get the job done right. Highest recommendation."

Today whenever Jared is taking on a bigger projects or running into a roadblock somewhere, he simply turns to Codeable and submits a project to his preferred developers. Over 10,000 projects have been submitted to Codeable and 99% of all projects have been rated with 5/5 stars. While you can rest assured that your project is in good hands with any Codeable developer - there are none of the usual commitments that come with hiring staff.

The Secret Sauce

For many of Codeable’s agency customers, Codeable has become their “Secret Sauce”. Outsourcing your own client projects can be a double-edged sword. Bad experiences with foreign developers are all too common and generally a lack of trust can be observed in the industry. That is why quality is the foremost priority on Codeable. All of Codeable’s developers have gone through a rigorous testing process and many of them have a Masters degree in Computer Science (some even PhD’s) as well as a number of years of experience dealing with clients on WordPress projects. We also keep the ratio of developers to clients in each country roughly the same. This way, if you live in, say Scotland, chances are good that you’ll find a Scottish developer to take on your projects.

Jared still uses Codeable to keep his leverage over his competitors and we are happy to have him as our client. You can check his web site at:

Ray is a self taught WordPress developer who started his career by building landing pages to sell domains. Later he became a developer for advertising companies an built landing pages exclusively for them. Since 2004 he has been a WordPress freelancer and recently he joined Codeable. He spends most of his free time exploring and testing new web technologies because he thinks you are never too old to learn something new.