When running a business, efficiency should always be your main focus to reach maximum potential. Being efficient means for you to deeply analyze and understand how the very minimum of resources would gain you to the greatest outcome possible. Being effective ultimately means understanding how time and money relate to your business.

That's why the market is going crazy about automation tools and, to an extent, about AI, which can both take care of repetitive tasks on our behalf. These technologies free our time, lower our total spending, and ultimately help us focus our time on more critical things.

Here at Codeable, we've aimed to meet all our clients' WordPress needs since our very first day. We can pair you and your requests with one of our 275+ highly-skilled, experienced, and pre-screened WordPress professionals. We guide you when you're not 100% sure about your next step or if anything doesn't go to plan. We offer tips through our blog and emails to expand your knowledge of WordPress.

Still, we thought one piece was missing: we wanted to provide you with a thorough solution for those recurring tasks your website requires.

That's why today we're releasing a new feature: Codeable Retainers.

Introducing Codeable Retainers

Retainers at Codeable

Today we're happy to unveil a long-time, uber-requested, and soon-acclaimed feature for any website and eCommerce store owner: Codeable Retainers.

Retainers give you the ability to book an expert's availability in advance for a specific and recurring task. Retainers can be your most effective way to take care of those tasks you're required to do on an ongoing basis, such as each month.

How do Codeable Retainers work?

Retainers are fixed-price tasks you can hire a Codable expert for and have them take care of it for a given period of time. Anything you might need continuously or on an ongoing/recurring basis can be a retainer task. WordPress regular maintenance, security audit, custom plugin/theme updates, are perfect examples you could make Retainers for and get them addressed for as long as you need.

Top 4 benefits of using a Retainer

  1. You won't find yourself searching for new expert constantly
  2. You'll get to work with an expert who is already familiar with your project
  3. You'll be able to budget better and manage unexpected costs
  4. You'll get peace of mind knowing you are covered

How can you start with Retainers?

Once you have a recurring task in mind, you'd need to hire an expert and agree with them on the details and a recurring price up front. After both parties are on the same page and are ok with the due price, the expert will create a Retainer for your specific task in our application and you'll get automatically billed each month for it. Lean and neat!

Note: we're already working on the possibility for you to pick and create a retainer task right from the beginning. For now, though, you'd need an expert to create one for you.

Ready to start with Retainers?


If you have any questions or might need additional info at any point, reach out to Codeable support and we'll be happy to help you out ?