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About Zac Gordon

Hi! I am a professional educator with a focus on JavaScript and WordPress Development.

Even though I know how, I rarely have time to do heavy development work, either for myself or for others.

So, I use and recommend Codeable a ton.

Read on to learn why

Zac Gordon


Why I Recommend Codeable

Highly-Screened Developers

Highly-Screened Developers

One thing I love about Codeable is that they have a pretty serious hiring process. Even though I have students who have gone on to work at Codeable, I wonder sometimes if I'd pass their hiring tests ;)

Free Estimates from Multiple Devs

Free Estimates from Multiple Devs

When you submit a project, you get a free estimate based on combined feedback from multiple developers. Then you can hire who you want based on their initial vibe and feedback. It's a pretty cool system.

Set the Deadline and It Gets Done

Set the Deadline and It Gets Done

Honestly, the most important part for me is I can choose a deadline 5 days out, or any time after that, and it gets done. That should go without saying, but it means something when it happens consistently.


What Clients Say

Going the extra mile for our clients and providing a seamless platform experience is in our DNA.

Aaress Lawless

Aaress Lawless Founder / DuoParadigms

"The quality level of Codeable’s experts is unrivaled. The seventy websites our team manages couldn’t be in better hands. Thanks to Codeable, our clients keep getting personalized attention, support, and the best service possible."

Luke Kennedy

Luke Kennedy CEO / Scan2CAD

"I’ve used UpWork, I’ve used freelancer.com too. The fact that you have pre-vetted developers and you specialize in one thing and you do that one thing well, is what makes Codeable different."


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