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The SEO Framework + Codeable

The SEO Framework trusts Codeable experts to help you with your premium WordPress development needs. A partnership focused on getting you the reliable help you need from a provider who also puts quality first.

Codeable experts follow pricing guidelines of $70–$120 USD per hour. Estimates are based on the scope of work (approx. # of hours), complexity and urgency of a project.


Why The SEO Framework Recommends Codeable

Pre-screened developers

Pre-screened developers

Your development work will be delivered by hand-picked, world-class WordPress experts who have passed a strict application and vetting process.

Quality guarantee

Quality guarantee

Codeable stands behind you and will provide a refund if you don’t receive a quality coded solution or the expert isn’t able to deliver on the scope that was agreed to.

24/7 fast & reliable support

24/7 fast & reliable support

Our dedicated team of on-boarding assistants and experts in support is available to help you get any job done, every step of the way. All day, every day!


What Others Say

Going the extra mile for our customers and providing a seamless platform experience is in our DNA.

Aaress Lawless

Aaress Lawless Founder / DuoParadigms

"The quality level of Codeable’s experts is unrivaled. The seventy websites our team manages couldn’t be in better hands. Thanks to Codeable, our clients keep getting personalized attention, support, and the best service possible."

Luke Kennedy

Luke Kennedy CEO / Scan2CAD

"I’ve used UpWork, I’ve used too. The fact that you have pre-vetted developers and you specialize in one thing and you do that one thing well, is what makes Codeable different."


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