These past weeks have been crazy at Codeable because we've all been focused on a major update to our core application, together with other important overall improvements and bug fixes. Yet we've made it through and we're thrilled to share with all of you that the new Codeable application is now live and kicking.


I'm not here to give some sort of Product Development 101 class but let me tell you one important thing. When you're working on the next version of your product, you should follow one rule that has proven to be the most effective in the latest years: ask your customers for feedback and listen to what they say.

That might sound simplistic to some, but at the end of the day, this information is a product development goldmine.

In our specific scenario - users (WordPress experts and clients) with widely varying needs, backgrounds, and experiences - the discussion took a lot of time and resources, but what we've accomplished marks a huge step ahead for Codeable and everyone involved.

That's why, on behalf of the whole Codeable team, I'd like to say a big, precious and sincere "Thank you!" to our clients and experts.

thank you

The new Codable application

So what does the new and enhanced version of the Codeable application bring in? Let me share the most interesting features.

A fresh new responsive design (with a new look too)

New responsive design for Codeable's app

This was one of the most requested features and starting now, Codeable's new application features a responsive design. This means clients will be able to communicate with experts on the fly from mobile devices and take care of projects as they would normally do from a laptop/desktop.

We've also changed the overall look-and-feel so it now conveys an even more professional look and provides an improved UX.

Several workroom improvements

Codeable's app: workroom

We've entirely redesigned the workroom environment. Specifically, we've laid out and repositioned elements in the UI to let clients manage their projects more effectively and improve the communication flow with their experts.

Calculator inside Codeable's app

On the other end, we've also tweaked the calculator to an extent that, if you're one of our experts, it'll be way easier to check your earnings and how much your clients will be charged.

But we didn't stop there. Since we take good care of our experts and want them to work according to their own schedule (so the quality isn't affected), we've introduced the expert's availability feature so that they can quickly set their availability for new projects.

On top of all that, we've also fixed some bugs we've seen in the past, improved the user-friendliness of the application as a whole and improved some other aspects to make the experience run smoother.

Want to see all of this for yourself?

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One final note: we welcome your feedback, so if have anything you'd like share... don't be afraid, just do it. And once again, thank you :)