WordPress has recently reached a tremendous milestone in its history, specifically in its market share: the "scrappy open source underdog" now powers 25% of all the CMS-based websites of the entire Web. If you look at its quick adoption rate, this news doesn't come completely unexpected. Still, it's an impressive result.

From a business perspective, this sounds like a new confirmation about which platform should be on your radar when thinking about creating, developing or growing an online business: WordPress.

One of the best practice to achieve high results and improve an online business is to manage resources effectively. With this in mind, outsourcing is the first strategy several small businesses, solopreneurs, and web agencies have implemented to manage better their workload and scale their business.

The problem is that many other businesses out there never tried to outsource any WordPress tasks or projects because they don't have any idea where to start with it, missing out on a great opportunity. And that's where our new free guide steps in.

We collected all the best tips to getting started with WordPress outsourcing and gave birth to "The Kickstart Guide To WordPress Outsourcing".

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The one thing to do before outsourcing your tasks and projects
  • How to create a well-crafted project brief (job description)
  • How you can work effectively with WordPress outsourced developers and designers

Less than 20 pages with just actionable tips (no fuss, we promise) to let you start right away as soon as you finish reading it.

There's even more... (tip: it's all about saving money)

Since we know outsourcing can look complicated to those who haven't tried it yet, along with useful tips to support your WordPress outsourcing activities, we added a bonus page you can use as a reference for your next outsourced projects. In it, you'll find all the money-saving questions to ask yourself when outsourcing a WordPress task or project.

And that's not all because you'll get another bonus at the end of the guide you're 100% going to love.

So wait no more, and download the guide!