Cool stats of the month


September's love from our clients


How we stacked up compared to last month

The month of September has been incredible! We replied to around 400 more tickets this month compared to last month and our average response time is still at 3 minutes! Our new organizational structure for our support team is really maximizing efficiency and we’re currently online available to answer questions 22 hours a day during the work week M-F. #GoTeam!

The biggest news by far though is the launching of our newly updated app! This was a huge undertaking by our entire team and the transition was seamless and beautifully orchestrated. Now clients and experts can access their projects from any device and our entire site is fully responsive!

August also saw a record number of new clients posting projects and many of them already posting 2nd projects. This is one of the greatest aspects of Codeable. So many of our new clients have awesome experiences and they continue working with us over and over again. It’s great to hear from so many of them here in support thanking us for providing our high level of quality developers that's hard to find online using other sites. Thank you to all of our clients for trusting us with your WordPress site projects!

Please help us welcome our newest experts!

Here are our new Codeable experts that were added to our team in September. These experts have passed our multiple tests and are guaranteed to deliver on the Codeable quality promise:

What’s to come?

Our team is completely redesigning our project posting submission flow to help make the process of posting a project on Codeable more intuitive and simpler for clients. This involves tearing down the entire process and engineering it from the ground up.

We’re really excited to get this implemented as it means clients will have an even easier time posting projects and our experts will have a more complete picture of what the desired outcome is, which will reduce the amount of time it takes in the discovery phase of the project.

How will this impact support? Great question! It’s expected this will help to streamline the onboarding process and result in fewer support tickets asking how to get started.

Please don’t misunderstand, we love helping clients in support by answering all types of questions and we want to encourage everyone to continue reaching out to us. But if you can post a project easier and with less confusion, that’s amazing and we’re all for it! :)