March's love from our clients

How we stacked up compared to last month

Another record breaking month at Codeable! We’re the busiest we’ve ever been replying to the most number of tickets, getting the most number of projects posted, most number of projects funded, and most revenue!

Our median average response time dropped 1 minute this month to 4 minutes, but since we’re busier averaging 1,000 additional replies and over 500 closed tickets compared to last month, it was a bit expected. We’re being pro-active though and continuing our commitment to providing the best support of any online outsourcing company and will be hiring another new Happiness Hero to join the team very soon! :)

We also launched our retainer program and it’s been very well received by both clients and our experts for how simple it is to get started and how helpful it is not having to manually fund their retainer projects month to month.

If you’d like to learn more about Codeable Retainers, I’ll suggest having a read of our article ‘Your WordPress Life Is Now Much Easier: Introducing Retainers At Codeable

Please help us welcome our newest experts!

Here are our new Codeable experts that were added to our team in March. These experts have passed our multiple tests and are guaranteed to deliver on the Codeable quality promise:

What’s to come?

As we continue to grow and build out our team, we are becoming more organized and systematized to help us scale more efficiently. We’re also becoming more data-driven to put metric and KPI’s behind more of our decisions. While I can’t give away all of the secret sauce, I can tell you there are some exciting times ahead for sure!

We’re also getting our plans made and bags packed for #WCEU Paris 2017! Word on the street is this will be the biggest WordCamp ever! And we’re expecting to have the most Codeable experts in attendance ever!

If you don’t yet have your tickets, I’ll suggest getting them sooner rather than later. There’s less than 500 remaining. And if you see people wearing Codeable tees, stop a moment to say Hi! We’d love to chat with you in person :)

Until next month… enjoy your day and we wish you (and your site) the very best!