Codeable Happiness Report February

February's love from our clients

How we stacked up compared to last month

It’s official! We’ve had our best, largest, most profitable month in Codeable history!

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of our brilliant expert developers for working so hard to deliver on the Codeable quality promise. We have some of the best WordPress developers in the industry and we love working with you all!

I’d also like to announce a brand new Happiness Hero for Codeable: Giulio Daprela! He started at Codeable as an expert back in November of 2013. Over the last 3 years 3 months, he’s been a wonderful asset to the team and consistently delights clients with his clean code, positive attitude, and strong work ethic. Now he’s bringing that same dedication with him to our in-house team of support professionals!

Giulio is also part of our senior in-house dev team and will be helping to speak with clients about their projects to clarify their scope of work being requested, as well as helping to update our main Codeable website.

Giulio is based in Thailand, so it’s an incredible asset to have him online starting his day when Raleigh is ending his day on the Pacific West Coast.

I’m super proud to announce we now have online live support 23.5 hours per day!

We have another new hire in February, please join me in welcoming Kresimir Bojcic as our newest Fullstack Developer. He's a brilliant developer who brings over 10 years of coding experience with him and specializes in building great applications and minimizing the artificial complexity that can creep into projects. Kresimir is now working with us to continue improving on our platform to make it even better for our users.

Welcome to the team Giulio and Kresimir, and we’re so happy to have you both with us!

Please help us welcome our newest experts!

Here are our new Codeable experts that were added to our team in February. These experts have passed our multiple tests and are guaranteed to deliver on the Codeable quality promise:

What’s to come?

Our team is working very hard to get caught up on the screening of new expert developers. To help with the increased workload, we’re now using a system of peer review for all test projects that come in. This is working out amazingly well, as it’s making the process more efficient and our experts are being incredibly thorough and looking over all code with a fine tooth comb.

It’s great to see our experts caring so much and taking such great pride in our platform ensuring to keep our high standards of quality.

We also recently posted a new job listing on for finding our next Happiness Hero to help during our busiest hours of tickets to ensure we are keeping up with our increased number of visitors and projects. In 2 days of the job posting being live, we received over 200 applications and so we’re going through them as quickly as possible to start scheduling interviews.

We really care about our clients and want to make sure, as we continue to grow, we are also going to continue to scale our support to maintain our high level of client satisfaction and low response times. This is a very exciting time at Codeable and we’re very happy to be sharing it with you!

Until next month… enjoy your day and we wish you (and your site) the very best!