April's love from our clients

How we stacked up compared to last month

Wow, what a month! We’ve been busy cooking up some special treats in the Codeable kitchen during the month of April!

We have a brand new batch of Codeable experts, fully screened and vetted and already delighting clients! We also have a brand new Happiness Hero to join us in-house! I’d like to welcome Jordan Saniuk to the team, and take just a quick moment to brag on him ;)

Jordan is a WordPress developer by trade and he has over 2 years experience working with Automattic on their WordPress.com VIP team! We are very excited to have him with us and he’s already been making a big impact over the last 4 weeks he’s been with us. Congratulations and welcome to the team, Jordan!!

Jordan will be online from 10 am to 6 pm EST to help during our busiest hours in support. This is when our European clients and experts are all online and the US is starting to get online for the day. If you happen to be online and ask us a question during those hours, chances are good you’ll be having Jordan lending you a helpful hand. Perhaps take a moment to say ‘Howdy’ ;)

Things are moving pretty fast around Codeable these days. We now have 5 full-time people in support (Raleigh, Jasmine, Giulio, Jordan, and myself) and most of our hours are overlapping during the week so we’re proud to be providing 23.5 hours of live support help Monday through Friday.

If you ever have any questions about Codeable, how to get started, or if you’re already a wonderful client and have questions, please reach out to us. You can contact us directly using our support app Intercom (the little help bubble in the bottom right corner of our website). Or send us an email to support@codeable.io.

And just in case you were wondering, we’re still holding steady with our median average response time of 3 minutes during the weekdays #WeLiveSupport

Please help us welcome our newest experts!

Here are our new Codeable experts that were added to our team in April. These experts have passed our multiple tests and are guaranteed to deliver on the Codeable quality promise:

What’s to come?

We are in the process of updating our expert review process to streamline it and make it more efficient. This will allow us to screen more developers and bring more experts into our platform, while still keeping our very high-quality standards in place. Actually, with our new process, the quality will be even higher! We’ll share more details about the process after it’s implemented…

Retainers have been a really big hit and we have more people signing up for monthly maintenance packages with our experts. Many are just now starting to rebill for the 2nd month and things are looking very good.

Something unexpected was the average amount per retainer. With so many WordPress companies offering maintenance packages starting around $70 per month, we assumed clients would be requesting similar. Our clients are, however, requesting much more work per month. They are all customized to the individual client so they are sure to get only the services they need every month and nothing they don’t.

As a result, many clients are customizing their monthly package to where the average is just over $800 per month. We have some clients who are on $70 per month retainers, but many are $300, $700, $1300, even as high as $4000! It’s really exciting to see this new option launch and be so successful. And even cooler is that clients are loving it. It makes it simple to work with their favorite expert on a monthly basis without having to manually mark projects complete and fund the next month’s payment for work to continue.

Don’t forget WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris is quickly approaching. If you’re planning on attending, please make sure to have your tickets secured and start planning early. The area hotels are getting booked up quickly as this has become such a large event drawing over 3,000 attendees from around the world!

Until next month… enjoy your day and we wish you (and your site) the very best!