We are on a mission to create a freelance platform that will enable both clients and WordPress experts to whistle while they work.

We believe that’s only possible when the best freelancers work with the best clients in a friendly & professional environment.

If this sounds like a mission you’re aligned with, you believe in building great relationships with clients and you are proud of your work, we’d love to hear from you!

Working on Codeable comes with benefits:

Great & returning clients

They are professionals just like you and understand quality comes at a price.
A large chunk of our revenue comes from returning clients, so by consistently over-delivering, you can quickly build up a portfolio of loyal clients whom you like to work with.

Top-notch support

Our customer service team is here to make sure you focus on what you do best: deliver high-quality, well-writen code. Whether it is recommending a project or managing problems – we are here for you.

A regulated environment

To ensure quality, we have strict guidelines about communication, pricing and general conduct. We also turn down clients, if they do not meet our high standards.

No distractions

We are here to make sure that you can focus your best work. Let us handle customer acquisition, billing and any support.

You are not alone in this

Codeablers know each other, share expertise and help each other out via private messages and our internal community. Sometimes we even meet for beers.

$70-$120/hr – guaranteed minimum rate

Codeable is a premium service and our clients are aware that quality comes at a price.

Codeable expert Mark Fayard

Working on Codeable is like world-class travel without taxis, airports, or rental cars. I pick my destination (projects) and Codeable handles all the things I don't have time to do (bidding, billing, collections). My first-class Codeable itineraries have included South Africa, New Zealand, Europe to name a few. I'm greatly looking forward to more direct flights and raking in more sky miles!

Mark Fayard
Codeable expert Tom Morton

Working for the best distributed company anyone could imagine. We find great clients to work with, even better developers, designers and experts to help them, and its all about getting top notch work done right. Codeable's unique pricing structure ensures there is no "rat race" to be the lowest price and everyone is friendly and personable. It doesn't feel like competition, rather it is like discussing how a project can move forward in an office with coworkers. Once a project leader is chosen, they move on with the project. No office politics, no rat race, just good work being done right.

Tom Morton

We would love to hear from you, if you…



    You know WordPress inside out and have strong PHP, jQuery, WordPress and HTML skills.



    Show us impressive examples of your past work (client-facing projects, Projects on Github, …)



    You understand that a good customer experience is as much about communication as anything else.



    You are well organised, know how much work you can handle and always deliver on-time or sooner.



    You have implemented solutions with the majority of the most popular plugins (e.g. WooCommerce).



    You know how to engage a client by asking the right questions before estimating your work.



    Perfect is just good enough for you. Happy clients make you sleep well at night.



    People enjoy working with you, because it is obvious that you love your job.



    You remain curious. You love expanding your skill-set and mastering new challenges.