I promised you about a month ago that we’ll build our own landing page, blog and knowledge base completely from scratch, using only WordPress and our contractors, and be transparent about the process and pricing along the way.

In order to show the whole process, we received a generous donation from Page.ly: a free subscription to their Business plan (Check them out, they really are awesome). You can see the staging URL here - this is also the location we will use while our new landing page is in development (although we’ll probably rename the domain to something nicer) and you can check back any time to see what stage it is in.

For the look and feel, we decided to go with Woothemes’ Definitiontheme, which was also donated for the cause. It will be modified according to our needs, of course (by one of our contractors, as a separate project).

Total costs so far:

  • Definition theme $70
  • Page.ly personal $24/month (personal is okay if you’re just getting started, otherwise we recommend Business)
    (Disclaimer: our costs are actually $0 since both WooThemes and Page.ly support our cause, but all further work will be paid normally)

Next step:

We will post a project on Codeable just like you would, describing that we need someone to install the WooTheme into our vanilla WordPress installation. Reporting back tomorrow.