This is actually our first blog post since we launched Codeable two weeks ago, and we’re late for a reason. You see, we’re all about WordPress; Customization, installation and upgrades are what we do - or rather, what our expert contractors do. Anytime you need them to.

For that reason, we decided to launch with a very minimal amount of information on our landing page. Why? Because our guys will take it from here. We will hire several of our contractors (as many as possible, in fact) throughout the next few weeks only to show you, dear reader, the confidence we have in the developers that we initially invited to be a part of our Task Force!

We’ll break down the whole project to a series of independent projects which will be then given to our contractors to complete, starting with nothing else but a blank server. Our current landing page (website) is integrated as part of the application itself (written in Ruby on Rails + Node.js, but more on that in the upcoming posts). This has worked out okay for the launch and through development of the application, but now we want to separate the two.

WordPress to the rescue!

We’ll make the website from the ground up, starting by installing WP and integrating one of WooThemes’ (our partner in crime) themes. Next, we’ll tweak it to match our identity as much as possible and of course, optimizing it’s performance. Last but not least, we’ll also make sure to set up a proper knowledge base, and of course - the blog, to which these progress articles will be moved once online.

Needless to say, every step of the process will be documented and posted online so you’ll be able too see the benefits (and costs) of using our approach to online outsourcing, or as we call it, out-tasking.

Let the fun begin!