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Hi, I’m Jake. I’m in love with this wonderful website called Codeable, and I have a long history with WordPress and WordPress Security and Speed Optimization on large sites. I began my journey into software 13 years ago. Back then, I was a wide eye doe, eager to soak up anything web related. I made…

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Hello! We are IdeaBox Founded by Puneet Sahalot in Feb 2012, IdeaBox is an exclusive WP design and development studio. This gives us an extra edge and confidence to say that we are good with WordPress, we know it inside-out.

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I build tailor made websites for various businesses since 2010 using WordPress and custom designs. My experience creating websites that generate business for my clients formed my development skills. I put a lot of energy in creating clean, usable and fast websites so the visitors can have a nice experience while learning about the business…

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I’m a passionate web developer. I currently work for a local company where I gathered a lot of experience in the domain. Mostly I like to create custom themes based on PSD’s but I also like to get more deeper into code and accomplish more difficult tasks.

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I am the creator of a variety of platforms, including The Artifice, a leading long-form writing publication with an audience of millions. Certified WordPress Expert Developer Sometime in 1997, I was introduced to the poetry of code and in some sense; I am still an explorer in this sandbox, just on a considerably bigger scale….

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16 years of professional IT Experience, specializing in custom WordPress Development, optimizations and “Doing it Right” when it comes to developing solutions in the WordPress environment. My area of speciality is backend php / jQuery, specifically custom plugin and themework, but am also adept with frontend CSS / HTML.