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Certified Codeable Expert Developer I’ve been building websites since 1999 and specialized in WordPress in 2009. On 2015 I joined this great Codeable community to help you make your life easier. “Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not.” Isaac Asimov I want to hear what…

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About Codivated Codivated LLC is a high-end design and development agency with a focus on building scalable, performant websites and applications. Our team has experience working with enterprise companies on sites that scale well into the multi-millions of visitors per month, as well as sites that experience traffic spikes to the tune of hundreds of…

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I’m a passionate web developer. I currently work for a local company where I gathered a lot of experience in the domain. Mostly I like to create custom themes based on PSD’s but I also like to get more deeper into code and accomplish more difficult tasks.

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I am the creator of a variety of platforms, including The Artifice, a leading long-form writing publication with an audience of millions. Certified WordPress Expert Developer Sometime in 1997, I was introduced to the poetry of code and in some sense; I am still an explorer in this sandbox, just on a considerably bigger scale….

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I am a designer/developer/ SEO Expert that loves to solve client problems. Your satisfaction is what I work for. After several months with local client work, I am back at Codeable to bring that work ethic to you. Dentist: http://www.progressivedental-ellenlimdds.com/ Architect :http://kmarch.us/ Public Adjuster : http://www.benchmarkclaims.com/ Favorite Theme: Theme X

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Shanna is a seasoned web designer‐developer specializing in custom theme development (from scratch), plugin development, database development, responsive design, page‐speed optimization and multilingual websites. She has been doing front- and back-end web production since 1998. A perfectionist who stands behind every line of code written, Shanna takes pride in doing things right and has always…