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Customer reviews

Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-03-01T16:05:40Z 5
Project rating:

Andrei is a wonderful person, very helpful and professional! Thank Codeable for providing such competent people like Andrei!!!

Raul Gabriel Nagy
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-02-28T18:47:13Z 5
Project rating:

Got exactly what I wanted to be achieved​, went in depth to make sure he was doing exactly what I wanted. Great Service.

Jonathan Petts
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-01-07T23:52:32Z 5
Project rating:

Siminiciuc was great to work with on our website move and optimization. Looking forward to many more projects with him.

Michael Lies
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-12-31T14:45:15Z 4
Project rating:

Sofianos Apostolopoulos
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-12-30T20:26:31Z 5
Project rating:

Siminiciuc was a great developer to work with. He understood our project and delivered results well within our time frame. We will definitely work with him again!

Garima Kumar
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-12-27T18:01:33Z 5
Project rating:

Siminiciuc is great, did his work in a timely manner, and communicated very well. Thank you so much!!

Travis Ramos
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-08-20T18:22:02Z 5
Project rating:

Andrei went far beyond the call, and completed numerous small additional tasks I requested quickly, efficiently and without complaining. He is positive and continues to be great to work with. He responds to my questions and comments fast, and then gets the changes done quickly and with excellent knowledge and skill. Andrei's ability extends into every area of web design, from complex coding, to adding shading and gradients to photos, so that our white letters would become visible on photos with a background that was too light. He found and added a slider plug-in, to meet my request for a dissolving photo montage at the top of our home page, and then used it for our photo gallery, complete with captions. If you'd like to sample what Andrei did for us, please visit www.Tobaccofree.org and have a look. In sum, Andrei is a truly excellent, highly skilled webmaster with a broad range of skills and ability. He is reasonably priced, very responsive and in a word, great to work with. I will be sending him additional new tasks, as well as more work to do on other sites we manage. I have only the highest praise for and gratitude to Andrei, and also to Codeable,or putting us together. Patrick Reynolds - link to www.Tobaccofree.org/bio/ IF you like Executive Director, Foundation for a Tobaccofree World

Patrick Reynolds
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-07-17T22:25:34Z 1
Project rating:

the coder was difficult to reach and communication was far below par for such an important and sensitive task. The results were way less than expected. Pretty much the coder seemed to have installed a couple optimizer plugins and did not provide a detailed list of things that were done so I can keep track of it in the future. Very displeased but just paid it to get rid of it.

Mark Stoffels
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-07-08T12:48:37Z 5
Project rating:

Lindsay Brown
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-06-11T22:40:09Z 5
Project rating:

Awesome to work with!!!

Eric Bramlett
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-05-01T17:32:11Z 4
Project rating:

Jordan Grogan
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-03-29T14:31:55Z 5
Project rating:

Amazing job! Identified the issue and implemented a fix quickly for my blog.

Chris Hanson
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-02-27T00:37:01Z 5
Project rating:

Very good, my client is happy with the work and was very patient as my client was taking a bit longer than expected. Highly Recommend :)

Byron Brown
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-01-30T19:46:39Z 5
Project rating:

He was wonderful to work with... Thank you Siminiciuc!

Kami Bigler
Siminiciuc Andrei 2019-01-05T18:34:47Z 5
Project rating:

Very good communication and timely responses. Outstanding work ability, performed all tasks exactly as stated. Completed additional tasks we didn't know were possible.

Katherine Megan