Hi, I am Sigit, a WordPress expert living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2008, I have been helping local and international clients design, develop, or customize the perfect websites for their businesses using WordPress (and other popular tools like Laravel, ReactJS, etc).

I am very experienced in PHP, JavaScript (including jQuery and ReactJS), CSS (including SASS and Bootstrap), and troubleshooting/debugging problems. Basically, you can say I have pretty much all the skills required to complete any task related to WordPress.

I am responsible, a very good communicator, and very dedicated.
In my spare time, I travel, do some community services, and simple video editing and graphic designs.

Whatever your story, I’d always love to hear it. Hire me and let me help you with your project needs.

WordPress says “Code is Poetry”. Then I’m the poet you’re looking for!

Customer reviews

Sigit Noviandi 2020-09-22T13:34:34Z 5
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Sigit was very helpful with my vague request for assistance. He even tried to convince me not to hire him, because he felt he had done nothing (because my request was so vague, I guess, and we mostly just talked). But he gave me exactly what I needed to understand where to go from here. I would definitely work with him again.

Rick Horowitz
Sigit Noviandi 2020-09-19T16:37:03Z 5
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