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You have just taken your first step into a potentially immensely valuable business relationship – you have viewed my profile!

I’m a Full Stack web developer specialized in wordpress and laravel, For more than 11 years, web development has been my passion and my job. I have successfully developed several applications and websites that served government institutions, multinational companies and individuals looking to take their businesses to the next level, and I will take great pleasure in doing the same for you,if you are looking for a highly skilled developer who can solve your problems and help you bring your ideas closer to reality through the perfect wordpress site, then your search ends here.

These are my strengths:

  • Developing Wordpress themes with advanced features and functionality;

  • Developing custom plugins, or customizing any plugins to fit your needs;

  • Converting a PSD to a valid and clean wordpress theme;

  • Integrating APIs/Payment Gateways with your wordpress site; and,

  • Maintenance & Migration tasks.

Here are some statistics and examples of my work to back up my words:


  • Bohnacker Store Solutions increased their online sales by around 30% after I helped them revamp their wordpress website by customizing their backend to make it easier for marketers to manage content and communicate directly with clients.


  • EntireJ.com’s founder was finally able to promote his product and reach his targeted audience after customizing a wordpress theme to help him convey his valuable message. Long term contracts were signed just after the launch of the website, which helped the startup to move on.


  • Nudus.com.au discovered an exponentially growing market and after I helped them move their business online utilizing the power of WooCommerce, their sales almost tripled.


  • Fivesecure LTD. launched their SaaS service that helped hundreds of people stay safe and secure, their business model left papers and became a reality after developing the web app, the mobile app, and the landing sales page, via combining the powers of Laravel, Nude.js and Wordpress.

If that’s not enough, then don’t just take my word for it! Here is some of what my clients say about me :-

‘‘ I am an experienced purchaser when it comes to buying from Freelancers. Although new to this platform, I have used others for years and I would put Sherif in the top 1% of them all. My client chopped, changed, moved and on some items took the project 180 degrees in the other direction. However, Sherif took the lot in their stride. Skills shown were: professional knowledge of web development (LAMP Stack), deployment on scalable structures, business orientation, remote connections from global sources, in fact everything. Sherif took part in project meetings, emails and was generally available from 8am to 11pm which took care of the time difference and our global offices input. Sherif was 100%! I have given five stars in every aspect. Again, I am a Freelancer myself so set the bar very high. Anyone looking for his skills should engage him. Value, quality and job done before the deadline.I am happy to provide a more in depth reference should it be needed ’’

Ian Brown, Project Facilitator, FiveSecure LTD.

‘‘ Sherif has done a brilliant job above and beyond the scope of the project, good developers are hard to find and i am so glad that i have found sherif! ’’

Paul Harrison, Founder of EntireJ.com

‘‘ High professional developer. nice communication and no problems during the project. top marks for him ’’

— Daniel, CEO Of Bohnacker.com

Now let’s talk about your project and your needs! Here’s how I’m planning to help you:

Listening: I consider this the most important stage of the process. I will take my time with you, ensuring I have a thorough understanding of your requirements before starting the project. In this way, we will make sure that I’m providing you exactly what you need, not what someone else thought you wanted.

Planning: I will produce a plan which will set out in detail how I’m going to develop what you need. I will provide you with the plan on our initial meetings, and if you are happy with it, I will start commence work.

Communication: throughout the development process, I will provide you with regular updates and make myself available for you as and when required. At the outset we will agree how regularly you want the updates and we can even schedule meetings, or conference calls to ensure the project develops exactly as you require.

Delivery: I will deliver what I promised on time, on budget and as was set out in the original plan.

Deployment: if this was part of our agreement, I will deploy the solution on your infrastructure, while helping you choose the best available options for your project.

Provision of support : I carry out a thorough QA before delivering, but if any issues arise, I will be available to fix them at every step of the way. I will only feel satisfied when I am certain that you are 100% satisfied, client satisfaction is at the very top of my list of priorities.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Customer reviews

Sherif Mesallam 2018-03-10T16:02:31Z 5
Project rating:

Sherif is the best developer I worked with here on codeable. Very professional, great communication. Very organized and amazing approach for the project, presenting solutions beyond expectations . Deserve six stars! For sure will contact him for next projects. I highly recommend him!

Rafael Franciosi
Sherif Mesallam 2018-03-07T06:32:39Z 5
Project rating:

Sherif was great. He put up with my grumpiness and went above and beyond the work that we were paying him for, fixing our website in record time (and probably missing a lot of sleep too). Thanks Sherif, you are a legend!

Simon Bowerbank
Sherif Mesallam 2018-03-06T18:37:53Z 5
Project rating:

Sherif is excellent; he is exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough. He was very responsive and was able to troubleshoot my issue very quickly. I would highly recommend him for his professionalism, expertise, and thoroughness. I am hopeful that he and I will work again in the future. I got stuck on a WP issue and could not get to to the root cause of it quickly; Sherif looked at it and very quickly was able to tell me what was wrong and how to address it.

Kat Park
Sherif Mesallam 2020-02-21T16:34:04Z 5
Project rating:

We had some startup issues but Sherif responded professionally and promptly. Good job!

Kevin Dean
Sherif Mesallam 2020-01-29T16:11:17Z 5
Project rating:

Really prompt and good work, thanks so much!

Sam Culshaw
Sherif Mesallam 2019-11-08T18:39:15Z 5
Project rating:

I found him to be very attentive and seem to have understood everything I explained. I am very hopeful I can work with him to the completion of my project and the delivery on time, which is the most important aspect for me.

Andre Philippi
Sherif Mesallam 2019-10-23T18:01:37Z 5
Project rating:

Sherif never disappoints. Thank you!!

Shane Page
Sherif Mesallam 2019-10-22T13:38:35Z 5
Project rating:

Sherif gets the job done!

Jason Harootunian
Sherif Mesallam 2019-09-11T21:51:10Z 5
Project rating:

Brad Phillips
Sherif Mesallam 2019-08-22T10:28:56Z 5
Project rating:

Shane Page
Sherif Mesallam 2019-07-07T00:46:36Z 5
Project rating:

Another great project for Sherif. As promised, on time and per specs, Always quick to respond to any bugs. Thank you!!

Shane Page
Sherif Mesallam 2019-06-11T16:49:03Z 5
Project rating:

Kerry Allman
Sherif Mesallam 2019-06-04T14:07:21Z 5
Project rating:

Sherif is prompt, professional, and dependable. Every project we've given him has been executed as promised and he has helped to troubleshoot any bugs with no problem.

Shane Page
Sherif Mesallam 2019-05-31T06:11:08Z 5
Project rating:

Adam Baird
Sherif Mesallam 2019-05-03T01:51:25Z 5
Project rating:

Prompt, good communicator, delivers exactly as promised.

Shane Page