I specialize in digital marketing strategy, user interface design and front end WordPress development. I’m here to help you bring out your best to the world-wide-web through content-driven websites and clean code.

I discovered the wonderful, rapidly evolving world of web development during my time at KEA, where I graduated with an Academy Profession Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication (2016), and a Bachelor in Web Development (2018). Since 2016, I’ve worked with companies ranging from startups to web bureaus.

Here’s what my experiences entail:
– Responsive layouts
– Front end development and code optimization
– Web design branding, and communication
– Quick pageloads
– Mockup Design and Replication
– Theme customization
– Custom WordPress design and development
– Advising on and implementing WordPress plugins and frontend libraries

When it comes to building WordPress sites with a custom design, I like working with Oxygen Builder, and I think you will too! To summarize, Oxygen Builder is a powerful page builder that drastically improves the work-flow for both developers and site managers. Thanks to it’s Gutenberg integration, you’ll be able to edit your content with ease. For a designer and developer like me, I’ll be able to wire frame, design, and develop your site in one place. This could be very helpful if you’re in need of a custom site, but are a bit tight on time!

I am also capable of making tweaks to an existing WordPress theme, so your identity shines through! If this is what you’ll need, I’ll quickly get up and running with your theme of choice, and figure out how to best optimize it for both you and your site visitors.

So, if you’re ever in need of a design-centric front end developer with digital marketing insight, feel free to click the button below and say hi.

Customer reviews

Project rating:

We had a design-intensive and very unusual WordPress site redesign project; our goal was to create a site that looks something like a storybook and invokes heavy fantasy themes - almost a medieval tavern. Sara embraced the challenge and produced an outstanding result that exceeded our expectations; she put in extra effort towards researching our themes and utilized drawings and fonts that blend together to create a cohesive and beautiful design. We would absolutely use her services again in the future, and I would recommend her for any types of web design projects due to her professionalism, her capabilities as a designer, and the enormous amount of care she put into the project.