Sam Carlton Consulting

I’m a second-generation Web Consultant helping non-profits nurture and grow healthy online communities they can be proud of.

I have a decade of experience building web applications with:

  • Custom WooCommerce Integrations
  • Online Video and Streaming Content
  • Javascript and Node Applications
  • Static WordPress Development
  • Frontend Performance Optimization
  • Node-based Microservices


Awards and Recognitions

LinkedIn Top 5% of JavaScript SkillsAwwwards NomineeFWANew York Times Cited


Client Projects


Summit TV

Summit TV JAMStack Episode Player
Video Streaming Platform to built provide community engagement through original video content. Managed from a WordPress backend.
The ask from Summit was to build a world-class streaming experience that’s built to scale well.
To achieve this, we crafted a custom serverless build system that delivers a bleeding-edge performance.
With this, Summit TV will serve thousands of people a day with no server lag and reach more and more people as Google naturally ranks it higher than slower sites.
– Built to serve 100k viewers per day with no down downtime.
– Built with the JAMStack framework Nuxt.js
– Optimized for Google Core Web Vitals and Page Experience


Avitrol Web App

Avitrol Serverless Web App built on React and WordPress
JAMStack Web Application for streamlining project bid calculations to allow instant onsite bids for sales personnel increasing close rate. Managed from a WordPress backend.
The Avitrol leadership team contracted to build a set of tools for their sales department to be able to calculate pricing and feeding ratios quickly and to identify bird species. The app is Full-stack Javascript using React with Next.js and is built on Vercel Serverless Functions. The app pulls and caches data from a Rest API that the client can update with new content.
– Increased close rate of onsite sales by over 10%.
– Built for easy and fast mobile navigation.
– WordPress+JAMStack Hybrid User Authentication System.
– High-speed serverless React frontend.


Cornerstone Health Services

Cornerstone Team Page featuring Live Chat
Cornerstone reached out to me for a ground-up rebuild of their 10-year-old site. The ask was to modernize the site and make it mobile-friendly, and in addition to those requests, the site also scores over 90 on Google Lighthouse, making it one the best ranking Health Websites for Google Page Experience in the world.
90+ Average Score for Google Lighthouse Performance (https://web.dev/measure/)
– Real-time Customer Live Chat integration.
– React-based Headless WordPress System for a hardened uptime performance.

Customer reviews

Project rating:

Sam was very committed to the job, even that it took more time than expected he continued giving the best to deliver results and we appreciate that.

Project rating:

Sam was great even though the client project ended up not happening. He gave thorough insights & feedback to guide the project.

Project rating:

Project rating: