More than 2000 Wordpress projects completed throughout my career.

I have over 10 years experience with Wordpress.

My clients include: Microsoft, Ticketmaster, Lenovo and Forbes!

Over 300 completed Codeable projects with 5* rating!

Don’t be swayed by other developers completed project counts.

I am a freelance website designer and developer with over 10 years experience under my belt. I’ve worked with many smaller businesses, start-ups and individuals, as well as large international brands.

I’ve also worked as a Lead Digital Designer for 2 award winning design agencies and have personally won awards for my design and development.

I have a passion for design (UX and UI), but I also have a very strong knowledge of coding languages, including HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP and of course, all things Wordpress!

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Customer reviews

Russell Clow 2018-06-03T19:22:24Z 5
Project rating:

Russel took my specs, knew exactly what questions to ask to have all the information he needs, knew all the best practices and pluging that would make my life easier, actually paid for a plugin himself without asking for extra funds, and he was working under a lot of pressure because I had a CRAZY deadline to meet. HIGHLY recommended!

Omri Dor
Russell Clow 2018-03-12T20:23:16Z 5
Project rating:

Wow, I was truly impressed with everything -- from the quality of his work, to his timeliness and his communication with me. Russ is proactive and certainly a top-notch developer! I look forward to the next task with a sense of confidence!

Kathy Rainey
Russell Clow 2018-01-05T14:30:18Z 5
Project rating:

I work with a lot of developers and technology folks... and I would rank Russell at the top of the list with some of the best I've worked with. Fast, very responsive and knows his stuff.

Kevin Kerner
Russell Clow 2018-07-05T20:11:18Z 5
Project rating:

Always works with excellence!

Kathy Rainey
Russell Clow 2018-07-03T10:42:07Z 5
Project rating:

Luke Malcolm
Russell Clow 2018-06-27T14:20:48Z 5
Project rating:

Very professional, fast and efficient work. Great communication. Pleasure to work with.

Andrei Severny
Russell Clow 2018-06-26T09:10:24Z 5
Project rating:

Mads Rued
Russell Clow 2018-06-25T19:51:06Z 5
Project rating:

Deborah Dickson
Russell Clow 2018-06-20T18:14:43Z 5
Project rating:

Russell is great to work with. He was able to find and clean up a very sneaky piece of malware on my site. Highly recommend working with him!

Dee Shi
Russell Clow 2018-06-19T15:46:06Z 5
Project rating:

Russ is awesome! He's making my web vision a reality.

Kathy Rainey
Russell Clow 2018-06-15T19:46:16Z 5
Project rating:


Scott McGuire
Russell Clow 2018-06-15T15:57:45Z 5
Project rating:

Jenny Charanza
Russell Clow 2018-06-14T16:36:02Z 5
Project rating:

Client is happy so we’re happy.

Courtney Herda
Russell Clow 2018-06-12T13:12:42Z 5
Project rating:

Frank Paganucci
Russell Clow 2018-06-11T12:48:17Z 5
Project rating:

Rai-mon Nemar Barnes