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“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” – Vince Lombardi. I am a senior full-stack developer living in Valencia (Spain) but working internationally in a remote way. About…

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I’ve been building websites for my own projects and for clients in the past 20 years. I specialize in transforming graphic designs to custom built WordPress themes. I’ve built the first and largest blogging community in Israel back in 2001 and when WordPress was introduced, I simply loved it and I work with it ever…

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Hello My name is Paulo Carvajal and I’m an experienced front-end web developer with more than 20 years building websites and more than 12 years working with WordPress. Also, I’m CTO and Front-end Developer at Vudumedia, a design studio where I use to transform design layouts to custom WordPress themes and take care of servers,…

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I am a full stack web developer and UI designer, my work has been nominated, featured and won FWA, Awwward and CSS Awards. I have been a developer for clients across the world in various technologies since 2001, constantly adapting to ever changing web trends and advancements. I am equally strong in front and back-end…

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Hello, this is me: Front-end engineer from Slovenia with 7 years of professional experience working for various local and international clients. My WordPress experience is limited to core and plugins I’ve personally deemed acceptable in quality to rely upon for custom websites built from scratch. Motives: My focus has always been web performance and accessibility….

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Hi there, my name’s Josh. I’ve been building WordPress sites big and small since 2011. I started out as a front-end dev, working mostly on a site’s appearance, but I love problem-solving with data or data-solving my problems, and building custom themes is a good way to get a lot of experience in that area….

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Hi, I’m Alex, a Web Developer based in Bucharest, Romania. Since 2013 I’m working full time as freelancer. I have worked with clients from Switzerland, UK, France, Sweden, Canada, etc. I’ve graduated three courses: a three years long course for Graphic Design and Advertising, a Web Design course and lastly a PHP / MySQL course….

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💪 What I can do for You I partner with the most forward-thinking companies to build modern, performance optimized WordPress themes using the cutting-edge techniques. Custom WordPress Themes I build fast and maintainable WordPress themes with modern day web standards. I use Sage starter theme to create elegant, DRY templates with Blade and separated PHP…

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Hello, my name is Janez Sorta and I’ve been full-time Web Developer for the last nine years, specialized in WordPress. During that time I had an opportunity to work on hundreds of projects for individuals, companies, agencies from all around the world. Quality, hard work, honesty, reliability, pixel/syntax perfection are the keywords I stand for….

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Hi, I am Daniel. A Full-Stack Developer in Japan, who specialises in WordPress Design and Development. After finishing university (Master of Business and IT Management) I worked for 5 years as a Project Manager, for a Software and Hardware company in Berlin, Germany. Having worked with clients on WordPress since my early university days, I…