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Customer reviews

Peter Griffyn 2016-12-10T15:53:16Z 5
Project rating:

very helpful, always answered questions completely, lots of knowledge

Mat Rosa
Peter Griffyn 2016-12-08T10:21:06Z 5
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Ron Goff
Peter Griffyn 2016-12-06T13:57:34Z 5
Project rating:

Mat Rosa
Peter Griffyn 2015-05-30T11:47:05Z 5
Project rating:

Peter was great. We wanted someone who was responsive, efficient, courteous and competent - and someone who will work at a problem from different angles until resolved. Peter helped us out of a bind with our particular problem. We will definitely be using Peter again for other assistance as and when required. Thank you

Bryan Gibson
Peter Griffyn 2015-04-03T06:30:00Z 5
Project rating:

Peter was super fast, accurate and did everything he said + more. On the way of building something you always encounter some problems, he thought with me and was willing to solve these problems. Very good in what he does, will recommend him to all my friends!

Daan Meyer
Peter Griffyn 2015-03-25T01:25:30Z 5
Project rating:

Peter went above and beyond. A lot of extras that were fixes to previous work completed to improve the site.

Tom Adams
Peter Griffyn 2015-03-19T10:00:33Z 5
Project rating:

Very helpful and obliging throughout the whole project

Stephen Knight
Peter Griffyn 2015-03-16T05:29:26Z 5
Project rating:

Peter was very helpful. He pointed me in the right direction.

Tim Costin
Peter Griffyn 2015-03-16T01:24:30Z 5
Project rating:

Very helpful, made suggestions on how to improve and saved me a lot of time and money. Will most certainly use him again.

James Stavrou
Peter Griffyn 2015-03-11T07:39:31Z 5
Project rating:

Daniel Loef