Hello, I’m Paul. A designer, who has enjoyed building aesthetically appealing WordPress websites since 2011.

I’ve created a number of custom projects, as well as premium themes now available on ThemeForest, where they enjoy top ratings (Codeable users, see links below). Building themes from scratch is my thing.

By the way, three themes of mine have been granted Honorable Mentions by Awwwards, and one of them also received a Special Kudos from CSSDA. So you can see I’m pretty much obsessed with the quality of design and with delivering pixel-perfect work.

I was lucky: my professional life gave me a lot of practice of working with people. From standing behind the counter in an art museum bookstore to running a design agency. From guiding tours for foreign students to being an editor in a newspaper. And now — helping clients as a WP expert on Codeable.

I’m a keen travel photographer and I have visited more than 20 countries (here is my Instagram nickname if you’re curious: ppovoroznuk).

Whatever you’re thinking of hiring me for, be sure it will be done with perfectionism. Just take a look at my themes listed below as a proof of that.

Customer reviews

Paul Povoroznuk 2020-01-07T12:38:48Z 5
Project rating:

He has always done great timely work for me.

Edwin Mysogland
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-12-13T21:29:45Z 5
Project rating:

Paul was great to work with and completed the job with a final product that was above my expectations. His price was very fair and was willing to work with me to get the specifics of what I was hoping to accomplish done.

Jaylon Freeman
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-11-29T18:31:22Z 5
Project rating:

Paul has been clear and fast in his communications. He completed the job within the time frame agreed and kept me informed all the time about the progress, giving enough time to test the website myself. The issue is happily solved :)

Monica Villarreal
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-11-21T23:45:37Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent work. Easy to work with. Very high quality work. Very knowledgeable. Looking forward to working with Paul again in the future.

Kevin Brennan
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-11-13T13:04:29Z 5
Project rating:

Very good!

Florenz Klasen
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-11-08T19:47:52Z 5
Project rating:

Great job! Looking forward to working on more projects with you.

Evan Dechtman
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-11-03T00:34:46Z 5
Project rating:

Absolutely wonderful. Patient, clean, direct, professional, why did I torture myself for days when I should have just come straight to here. Really, great experience and hope to work with Paul again in the future.

Andrew Voirol
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-11-01T19:35:09Z 5
Project rating:

Overall very happy with Paul's work. It took a little longer to complete than I was hoping, but overall I'm happy. Thank you.

Deb Biladeau
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-10-16T20:46:37Z 5
Project rating:

Paul was helpful, knowledgeable and excellent with the work. Highly recommended.

Roy Servis
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-10-16T18:55:57Z 5
Project rating:

Paul is awesome! He fixed responsiveness and rendering issues that Thrive Themes wasn't able to solve.

Chris Hanson
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-10-15T00:06:01Z 5
Project rating:

Paul has been incredible, he has helped with every small detail and his communication has been excellent! Thank you!

Thomas Jeon
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-10-01T18:24:18Z 5
Project rating:

I was really in a bind, and Paul saved me! He was beyond helpful and completed the project with the utmost professionalism. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Amy Pecile
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-09-25T21:53:39Z 5
Project rating:

Good design skills and was able to help us with exactly what we needed.

Jessica Sloan
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-09-19T19:14:33Z 5
Project rating:

Paul was excellent to work with and very responsive. I would highly recommend him. The work was completely quickly and he was nice enough to explain where the problem was. Thank you!!

Rebecca Martin
Paul Povoroznuk 2019-09-17T10:56:24Z 5
Project rating:

Dennis Josek