Certified Codeable Expert

A dedicated software developer

A software developer with 10+ years of experience developing a range of products, including startup websites to event managing applications. I am technically skilled and adept to developing professional, top-quality products.

Expertise and Services

WordPress Development

  • Custom WordPress Plugin Development
  • Additional features to existing themes or plugins
  • Non-WordPress to WordPress site conversion

3rd Party integration

  • Payment gateway integration
  • Email service provider integrations including email campaign providers
  • Custom API integrations

Customer reviews

Paul Kevin 2020-01-09T10:18:27Z 5
Project rating:

What an amazing service! He has solved one of our biggest problems in less than 2 days! Perfect service and attention to detail!

Julian Kunimine
Paul Kevin 2019-10-11T18:56:40Z 5
Project rating:

Very responsive, very polite and most important, he came up with a great solution for a fair price. Hope I can fix everything myself in the future, but if not , I know who to contact :)

Lefteris Geranios
Paul Kevin 2019-09-07T10:56:42Z 5
Project rating:

Clear and efficient from start to finish. Not to mention speedy! Thanks so much Paul.

Anton Mastrullo
Paul Kevin 2020-03-27T14:21:04Z 5
Project rating:

Paul is great! He clearly communicated what the issue was and helped solve it quickly. I would definitely recommend!

Gregory Kimball
Paul Kevin 2020-02-18T16:25:52Z 5
Project rating:

My number 1 choice when it comes to payment gateways and plugin development!

Julian Kunimine
Paul Kevin 2020-02-14T01:26:32Z 5
Project rating:

He fixed a big problem - would totally hire him again!

Ramona Rice
Paul Kevin 2020-01-30T16:40:15Z 5
Project rating:

Paul knows his job and he knows that he knows his job!!..;-).. so it adds a bit of confidence in me as a client when he suggests something. He is a serious developer and one who is willing to share information. I've worked with him in the past and I will continue working in the future too..:-)..

Alim Bolar
Paul Kevin 2020-01-11T19:16:45Z 5
Project rating:

ken loricchio
Paul Kevin 2020-01-07T16:42:00Z 5
Project rating:

Good and quick work

Renaat Sioncke
Paul Kevin 2019-11-21T15:21:07Z 5
Project rating:

Wessel van Lit
Paul Kevin 2019-11-03T18:47:28Z 5
Project rating:

Christopher Sytsma
Paul Kevin 2019-10-22T19:33:40Z 5
Project rating:

Hello Paul. I appreciate your work and wishing you more project like this you have completed for me. The scope was professional done and completed at the right time. You are real best screened and chosen as codeable stated by introducing their expert's developer. Thank you codeable, thank you Paul Kevin. Warm Regards Gabriel Marwa Mahando

Gabriel Mahando
Paul Kevin 2019-10-04T21:10:16Z 5
Project rating:

fixed problem fast

Jonathan Simons
Paul Kevin 2019-08-28T18:53:03Z 5
Project rating:

because is good

Romano Tiziano Michele Filippo
Paul Kevin 2019-08-02T17:12:39Z 5
Project rating:

Paul was great. Prompt with his responses. Clarified our requirements and did his research on our addons and setup ahead of time so when it came time to make our requested logic change, things went quickly/smoothly. Will certainly consider reaching out to him again for future custom development needs

Avinash Mukundan