Hi, I’m Paul! I’ve been making websites for longer than I’ve been alive.

Ha! Well, I guess not quite, it feels like that sometimes though! I did get my start back in the 90s when everything you needed to know could be fit in a single HTML for Dummies book. I built my first website for a “client” when I was 14, which was built on top of a small custom-made CMS. It was a wonderful experience and flash forward to almost 20 years later, throughout my entire web development career I’ve almost exclusively worked within the “client/agency” relationship. I’ve contributed to the code of hundreds of websites and still I feel like I’m learning something new with each project.

I specialize in

  • Full website builds
  • Unique front-end development and animation
  • E-commerce sites powered by Woocommerce and Shopify
  • Custom plugin development to do pretty much anything

More important than the technology I’ve used, or the skills I’ve developed, or the projects I’ve built, have been the relationships built with my clients over the years. Many of them are even my friends now! Technology is really just a means to an end, in most cases, isn’t it? It could be to reach some marketing goal, create a return on investment, promote an idea or publish entertainment, and a website is just the go-between. Since you can’t physically meet every person who visits your site, it has to act as your ambassador. It has to do the work of telling people what you need them to know and do so in a way that reflects well on you.

And that’s where real joy in my work comes from, when I can help a person or company to tell their story in a way that is engaging and creates new relationships.

Here’s some websites I built for super awesome people

Oryana (Lead Developer and Design Support)

A medium-sized website to promote the store, publish recipes, and provide community outreach.

Oryana Coop

ENT Medical Services (Lead Developer and Designer)

A small multi-site for an ENT practice with a product gallery and interactive map.

ENT Sleep Supply Product Page ENT Medical Services Homepage ENT Medical Services Map

RondaRousey.com (Lead Developer)

Ronda Rousey Homepage Ronda Rousey Wrasslin' Ronda Rousey Dojo and Navigation

PropertyOwnerData (Lead Designer and Developer)

A filtering, search, and mapping engine for browsing and exporting millions of property listings at a time. Even prints labels.

PropertyOwnerData map view

Customer reviews

Paul Houser 2019-12-09T01:40:23Z 5
Project rating:

Working with Paul has been a pleasure. He’s responsive and creates solutions. Although Paul new to Codeable you can tell he’s been in website development a long time.

Matthew Rochow
Paul Houser 2019-11-26T01:44:22Z 5
Project rating:

Paul was excellent in clarifying and restating the project objectives, asking questions about details, and restating the requirements at the end. High marks for excellent communication skills!

Jim Rosemary
Paul Houser 2019-11-12T17:32:21Z 5
Project rating:

Paul is an exceptional developer, a real professional in both his programming and communication skills. He was able to fully understand and look into our project details and needs and to come up with the right recommendations as well as optimal implementation for our website. I'm very satisfied with the end results and I can recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced, skilled developer that can deliver on time. Thanks again Paul!

Panos P.