Hi! I’m Paul from Australia, and I’m here to help you solve your technical, design, UX, and business problems.

I can help you with plugin development, optimization, troubleshooting, security, business and website development (Divi++). My 20+ years international experience in solving problems and delivering positive results is broad and deep, with projects diverse as Corporate IT, Web Apps, LMS, eLearning, simulations, educational apps, music, and games.

I’m a creative technologist who understands the business, product, project, design, and development aspects involved in taking something from concept to realization. I also develop/support my own products and understand the business and customer perspectives.

I can also help you with:
* Digital Transformation
* Technology Analysis & Evaluation
* Product & Project Management
* Software Design & Development
* Market Research & Competitive Intelligence

I’m a lifelong learner, and currently involved in a variety of cutting-edge technologies for new applications:
* AI, Machine Learning, Automation, and Robotics as a human+machine productivity force multiplier
* WebGL and 2D/3D DataViz
* AR and VR

I’m a former world champion in sport parachuting, and perform music online as the blues-infused slide guitar/harmonica cyborg “Komuso Tokugawa”.

Read more about me:

Codeable Certificate May 2017

Customer reviews

Paul Cohen 2019-02-05T20:29:06Z 5
Project rating:

I had the pleasure of working with Paul and hope to do so again in the (very) near future - i only use Codeable for important jobs as I consider it the place to find the best developers in the world and cannot afford mistakes or glitches on these tasks - I had an urgent need for a complex payment gateway and Paul was able to help me investigate the problem and think of possible solutions - Paul was very expressive and responsive which is something you do not see often with many expert developers - in this regard he is one of the best of the very best developers i have ever worked with - highly recommended and hope to work with again

Jacob Wolinsky
Paul Cohen 2018-05-17T11:05:51Z 5
Project rating:

After over 15 years in the tech industry, working with Paul has been the best experience I've ever had with a freelance coder - and I've worked with a lot of them. He's extremely meticulous, logical, and covers all his bases, and once he gets his teeth in a problem, he won't put it down until he's untangled it. He has the practical experience to be realistic about which solutions to implement under which conditions, and the technical experience to implement a variety of solutions. Highly recommended.

Kendra Schaefer
Paul Cohen 2017-05-28T10:30:27Z 5
Project rating:

Paul was skilled on many fronts - technology, problem-solving, project management and general supportiveness. He didn't promise any quick fix, and instead worked systematically to eliminate options. As a non-profit without much technical expertise in-house, he was patient in running us through his course of work. Would recommend him highly to anyone who wants a thorough and meticulous job done.

Arundhuti Gupta
Paul Cohen 2019-09-25T01:46:28Z 5
Project rating:

Paul is extremely responsive, candid, and knowledgeable. He is generous with insight and can speak to strategic planning and move quickly down to technical details and challenges.

Francisco Arechiga
Paul Cohen 2019-09-02T07:09:40Z 5
Project rating:

Morten Jaeger
Paul Cohen 2019-07-24T16:25:59Z 5
Project rating:

Brian Batt
Paul Cohen 2019-07-16T10:20:47Z 4
Project rating:

Henry L.
Paul Cohen 2019-07-08T15:35:39Z 5
Project rating:

Great communication and help.

Jason Maletsky
Paul Cohen 2019-06-25T11:46:49Z 5
Project rating:

Darren Griffiths
Paul Cohen 2019-06-21T07:46:16Z 5
Project rating:

Very good as always. In short you get what was promised. And you will be happy that you spent that sum.

Øyvind-Andreas Emanuelsen
Paul Cohen 2019-06-19T12:31:05Z 5
Project rating:

Nik Olsen
Paul Cohen 2019-06-11T08:52:07Z 5
Project rating:

Melita Sylejmani
Paul Cohen 2019-05-29T16:07:39Z 5
Project rating:

Sebastian Brosche
Paul Cohen 2019-05-06T11:00:03Z 5
Project rating:

Paul has been working intensively on an existing C#-application that went rogue and he has managed to find the flaws in the application. Furthermore Paul has been very easy to work with and he has communicated his progress consitently. Thank you very much for your time, Paul.

Kristen Mathiasen
Paul Cohen 2019-04-22T22:38:45Z 5
Project rating:

paul jumped in on a project that has stumped many a developer and was able to find some useful solutions. not easy, but research and testing always finds a way.

randy petersen