Hey, I’m Panos (short for Panagiotis), a web developer with 14+ years of experience and 400+ completed tasks with 5/5 stars rating.

My expertise includes PHP, WordPress, Javascript, APIs and CSS .

panagiotis_certificate panagiotis_certificate

I’m a passionate about WordPress and PHP, and have been working almost exclusively with WordPress for the past 9 years. I’m an all-around guy and enjoying solving problems and finding solutions.

I have teaching experience, excellent communication skills and have been working in multi-cultural environments for most of my working life.

Finally I am the owner of 11 Digit Labs, a web development agency based in Athens, Greece.

Check my links below for further details

  • http://www.11dig.it
  • https://www.vrnish.com – Listify customizations / Upgrades
  • https://digitalinfluencer.com – Listify customizations
  • https://www.capetowngetaways.com/ – Listify customizations / Upgrades
  • https://www.jobscometrue.de/ – Listify
  • https://golfcarting.com/ – Listify
  • https://www.barnweddingcentral.com/ – Listify
  • https://represents.io/ – Listable
  • https://www.shortwalk.me/ – Listable
  • https://wonderbars.ie/ – Listable
  • http://directory.wellnessindubai.com/ – Listable
  • https://thenationalweddingdirectory.com.au/ – Listable
  • https://www.jobfindr.com/ – Listable
  • https://www.wohnaroo.com/ – Listable
  • http://thefoodandwinefestival.com.au/ – WPAllImport API
  • http://coworkinghandbook.com/
  • http://www.imambaildi.com/
  • http://www.themarketertoolbox.com/
  • http://www.westartup.eu/
  • http://tribalytics.com/

Customer reviews

Panagiotis Synetos 2018-01-18T16:17:38Z 5
Project rating:

A consummate professional. Friendly, punctual, and especially good at explaining complex problems in clear language. A useful sounding board and guide as well for thinking through strategic and technical questions of all sorts.

Justin Goldberg
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-01-09T15:09:39Z 5
Project rating:

Super friendly, helpful and a great communicator. Obviously a talented and experienced WordPress developer as well. I will gladly hire Panos again when I get stuck in code!

SCG Agency
Panagiotis Synetos 2017-12-14T15:43:56Z 5
Project rating:

Working with Panos is a breeze. He drinks coffee and is still super calm and focused through thick and thin. Extremely organized and detail oriented but efficient. He is a world class explainer ... one of the best I have ever met.

Doug Corbett
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-03-12T13:40:30Z 5
Project rating:

Athena Constantinou
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-03-10T13:19:36Z 5
Project rating:

Athena Constantinou
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-03-07T20:22:04Z 5
Project rating:

Athena Constantinou
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-03-06T09:12:36Z 5
Project rating:


Athena Constantinou
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-03-02T09:39:01Z 5
Project rating:

I've worked with Panagiotis before and I'll work with him again. Don't let the fact that he is fast to complete your project fool you. He is incredibly detailed and works to fully understand the goal you are trying to achieve. Thanks mate!

Andrew James
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-03-01T22:54:52Z 5
Project rating:

Panos is great, and he did great work on this project. This is the third time we've used his services, and I recommend him for what we did. Panos' best strength is his communication skills. He is quick to respond, and is a pleasure to work with. Also, his English skills are very strong.

Rick Higgins
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-02-28T14:08:32Z 5
Project rating:

Super efficient work with open communication. Guidance and recommendations on the project was also a great asset working with Panos.

Ruan Deyzel
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-02-27T13:52:13Z 5
Project rating:

Useful insight into building a listing site. Hopefully the start of a long-term relationship.

Antoine Darque
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-02-21T14:44:55Z 5
Project rating:

Awesome work. Very quick loved working with him!

David Delor
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-02-20T19:18:12Z 5
Project rating:

Great communication and extremely easy to deal with. Thank you!

Scott Plumptree
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-02-17T08:43:16Z 5
Project rating:

Maurice Cherry
Panagiotis Synetos 2018-02-16T08:20:05Z 5
Project rating:


Maurizio Coda