Hi! My name is Nicola. I help agencies, companies, and professionals deliver digital projects of all sizes, on time, and on budget.
I’m a full-stack web developer and software engineer with over 5 years of experience with WordPress.

My priorities when working with you will be:
* Clarity. I will speak your language. I have a passion for communication and will be thrilled to explain anything that you may find unclear. I’ll leave the jargon for the documentation and reports – which you’ll always get a copy of! (I won’t be the last developer to work on your code, and us developers love good documentation. It makes things so much easier.)
* Excellence. Some think of developers as infallible know-it-alls. Let me tell you – we’re not. We’re all very human and fallible. This is why I like to put in that extra effort, to boldly go where many don’t feel like. Because it’s well worth it in the end.
* Transparency. No secrets between us, just the facts. And some smileys. They always help :D

So, are you ready to get started?

P.S. here are some of the projects I’ve been working on lately.

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