Who am I?

I’m Nick, and experienced and passionate full stack developer who specialises in solving complex problems with innovative solutions. I run a small digital agency called Lynx Digital from Melbourne, Australia.

I love Melbourne summer, great food, good beer all shared with good friends and family. I value curiosity and gaining a deeper understanding of the amazing world around us.

Lynx who?

Lynx Digital is a boutique digital agency in Melbourne who specialises in everything web and web app. Lynx is run by myself and co-founder Andrew Kerton. We started Lynx over 12 months ago to

We both love working with people and are expert communicators. We are able to work with clients to understand their core requirements, ask the right questions to develop good strategies and, due to our highly technical backgrounds, implement the solutions.

This means clients work with us directly throughout the whole process, making it very transparent and effective.

What we do

We’ve worked on all things Wordpress from custom theme builds to integrations with external CRMs. There isn’t something Wordpress that we don’t fully understand.

Client Related Skills:

  • Expert expectation management
  • English first language with expert written and verbal communication
  • Friendly, fun yet professional and confident attitude
  • Highly organised and skilled in implementation and project management
  • Ability to work with the client to fully understand their needs by asking the right questions and bridging the gap between code, development and client requirements and outcomes
  • Working to add value to clients which means taking ownership of projects, pushing back or suggesting alternatives, refining requirements and producing outcomes to best suit objectives
  • Attention to detail at all points in the process with developed procedure guides to ensure nothing is missed
  • A love for all things business, web, digital and technology

Wordpress Related Skills and Projects:

  • Expert HTML, PHP, CSS (SCSS) and JavaScript (ES6+) skills with the ability to create well structured and semantic code at all levels to reduce bugs and increase reliability and future maintenance
  • Expert jQuery skills
  • Experience with rollout and customisation of WooCommerce and many related plugins including but not limited to; shipping, lost cart, reviews, tracking, analytics, warehousing and payments
  • Experience with Sensei LMS customisation and integration to external sites via subdomains, iFrame communication and custom APIs
  • Custom LMS design and development using custom database tables for white labeling
  • Buddypress and aMember implementation and customisation
  • Multi-language and multi-location experience with plugins and full custom solutions
  • Divi and other page builder plugin experience
  • Expert using caching plugins and CDNs to drastically reduce server load and page load times
  • Experience using custom built headless Wordpress to act as an API to power hybrid apps
  • Fully custom development of themes from scratch or using Underscores and Starkers
  • Integration of SPAs into Wordpress to handle more dynamic and interactive parts of websites
  • Integrations with server software and scripting (using CRONs to run scripts and other programs to batch emails, create PDFs, update data with API calls etc)
  • Custom API creation
  • Custom integration with external APIs via PHP and JavaScript
  • Expert ACF experience to build sites which clients have difficulty breaking
  • Custom plugin development for integrations between Wordpress and WooCommerce and accounting, CRM, warehousing and shipping softwares
  • Integration of form plugins (Mailchimp, WuFoo, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and more)
  • Migration to custom architectured load balanced infrastructure to handle high load dynamically
  • Development of custom Wordpress frameworks to enable clients to build websites how they want with ability to white label
  • Creation of internal intranet sites
  • Custom built real-time survey/polling and graphing framework deployed across multiple iPads and projector during a conference

Web Development Related Skills:

  • Responsive design as a given
  • Use of version management (git) and well tested procedures (git flow)
  • Expert package management with NPM and Composer
  • Bootstrap 3 + 4 experience
  • HTML and SVG animations using CSS and JavaScript (custom and GreenSock)
  • Expert UX design to forge strong user connections
  • Well known and tested partner design agencies to help with branding and UI design
  • Expert server and database administration to architect high redundancy and availability services (using AWS)
  • Shopify and Squarespace experience
  • Experience with Photoshop, Indesign and Invision for asset stripping, manipulation and design
  • Expert UI understanding and how that relates to web (though as noted below we contract most UI design out)
  • Expert UX understanding and development
  • Expert information design
  • Hybrid mobile app strategy, design and development
  • Expert Vue.js and Angular SPA strategy, design and development
  • Experience with Google Analytics and Tags
  • Experience with Facebook pixels and social (un)paid advertising
  • Unit and integration testing with C#, PHPUnit for PHP and Karma/Jasmine for JavaScript
  • Experience with Node.js, Express.js, Firebase, C#, relational and non-relational databases, Entity Framework and many other packages and frameworks
  • Use of Sentry/LogRocket to track and squash bugs
  • Expert understanding and customisation of Communifire a C# .NET Webforms and MVC social network platform

We look forward to working with you!

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