A Bit About Me

I am originally from the Philippines and my family moved to Canada when I was 12 years old. I like to play guitar and I’ve been playing since 6th grade. I am also big into food. Most of my time spent outside of the house is eating out and trying new restaurants.


I started my programming career 4 years ago and I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on how to craft websites and mobile apps that provide value to owners and customers. Throughout my career, I’ve worked on various web projects. Some projects include, a worst roads voting web app with a front end running on React attached to a WordPress CMS, and a global multi-currency e-commerce site running on WordPress and WooCommerce.

Technical Skills

Frontend: HTML, CSS – Sass – RSCSS – SMACSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React
Backend: PHP, WordPress, Laravel, MySQL
Mobile: React Native, Redux, Firebase
Build Tools: Webpack, Git – Github – Bitbucket, Table Plus, Visual Studio Code
Dev Ops: Linux – Ubuntu, Nginx, Docker, ngrok

Learning is part of what I do so the list above is never really complete. My goal, always, is to deliver a product that caters to the target user groups.

Customer reviews