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My name is Nerijus Masikonis, I’m an expert WordPress developer based in Lithuania, Europe, working with clients all over the world. I created my first website in 2004 and I’ve continued to create even more complex ones as my education and skill set grew.

My formal education consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and a Master’s degree in Management. That has allowed me to be able to understand problems and requirements from a business point of view and be able to apply a technology solution to them.

Diverse Background

Having worked as a team leader at Too Pixel, a well-known Swiss web design agency, taught me attention to detail and instilled in me what great design looks like. Following that, I worked at Single Grain, a leading digital marketing agency where I grew my WordPress development skills and added additional skills in digital marketing. I now consider myself an expert WordPress developer with additional skills and understanding in digital marketing where I can effectively help any company increase conversions.

Personal Qualities

  • Thorough. I am careful, conscientious and incredibly meticulous. I have an extremely high attention to details;
  • Organized. I am highly organized, know how to prioritize, adapt quickly when the scope changes and thrive in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines;
  • Flexible. I am not married to my ideas and I can shift gears easily when things change.;
  • Methodical. All choices I make are based on strict research and adherence to industry standards and practices.

Customer reviews

Nerijus Masikonis 2018-01-16T13:28:02Z 5
Project rating:

Impeccable work ethics, very knowledgeable and a joy to work with! Great communication, clear explanation.

Stéphan Lorti
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-12-13T17:13:17Z 5
Project rating:

Awesome experience, you rock.

Nils Desmet
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-12-08T09:28:29Z 5
Project rating:

Fast and skilled freelancer. Was able to complete the task exactly as I described.

Charlie Livingston
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-11-29T19:46:28Z 5
Project rating:

Every task was completed very quickly and did not need a ton of guidance. Very happy with the results.(Update) Nerijus has gone above and beyond my expectations and I’m so grateful to have his support throughout this project. He is thorough, precise, and has been readily available to answer any of my questions or complete any task, big or small. I’m happy to say he’s the only developer we’ve had come on board and I’ll certainly be reaching out for any future needs.

Katie Gyorffy
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-11-09T12:50:26Z 5
Project rating:

He did everything as we agreed and also in a short time.

Goran Mirkov
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-11-08T19:29:57Z 5
Project rating:

A pleasure to work with, quick and smooth support!

Staffan W
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-10-23T13:38:53Z 5
Project rating:

He was reactive and efficient during the development of the project. Very flexible and eager to adapt to short deadlines.

Jean-Marc Hyvelin
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-09-15T18:45:57Z 5
Project rating:

Very fast response and fixed the challenge right away. Thank you for the great work.

Sean McNeill
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-09-13T14:34:08Z 5
Project rating:

Great work. Fast and completed as expected

Rob Power
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-09-04T18:59:17Z 5
Project rating:

Nerijus made all the changes I needed, prompt and even adjusted something a couple of times to get the right visual look.

olga raben
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-08-29T19:49:58Z 5
Project rating:

Nerijus solved our problem within a day with excellent results. He responded very quickly and made all relevant adjustments for us right on time. We can really recommend him.

Johan Sunnanängs
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-08-18T19:20:45Z 5
Project rating:

Quick turnaround. Highly recommended!

James Yubaz
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-12-19T17:39:24Z 5
Project rating:

Stéphan Lorti
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-11-30T11:39:27Z 5
Project rating:

Jean-Marc Hyvelin
Nerijus Masikonis 2017-11-06T16:57:14Z 5
Project rating:

Chaim Kasdan