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Core Contributor of WordPress 5.0 and counting.

I’ve also contributed to WordPress 5.0.2 and 5.0.3. Been working on WordPress for more than 8 years. I’m an Official Plugin Developer and Translation Contributor of WordPress with several plugins published on the WordPress.org repository. Click here to take a look at them.

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A couple of plugins I have in WordPress.org:

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I’m a Zend Certified Engineer in PHP 7 with some solid experience in LAMP stack for several years. Here is my Profile in Zend Yellow Page

I worked on ThemeFusion (Avada) as a Technical Support Engineer in 2016. Later I joined OptimizePress and served for more than 2 years.

List of skills that I’m proud of:

  • Custom Theme/Plugin development
  • Existing Theme/Plugin customization
  • Website Development/Customization
  • PHP 7.X migration of plugins and themes
  • Elementor Custom Widget Development
  • Website Speed Optimization and Security
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax

Exclusive Addons

Please take a look at my Portfolio Website from here for more information.

Customer reviews

Muntasir Mahmud 2019-11-18T10:12:38Z 5
Project rating:

Muntasir did a great job. He keep me updated on the project and completed the project on time. He also provided solutions to questions that I had about my site.

Patty J.
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-07-22T08:20:04Z 5
Project rating:

Muntasir has excellent knowledge of WordPress and has developed themes an plugins in the past, so that is very helpful.

Rachel Biel
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-07-07T23:56:20Z 5
Project rating:

Muntasir did a great job of communicating with us and meeting our needs. If other issues came up he fixed them without hesitation. We would highly recommend his services and will use him again in the future for any of our Wordpress development needs.

Austin Buster
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-12-03T07:26:46Z 5
Project rating:

Shaun Killian
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-11-24T18:55:28Z 5
Project rating:

Quick, responsive and knowledgable!

Yasmine Robles
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-09-16T17:33:36Z 5
Project rating:

alex arias
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-09-02T19:59:47Z 5
Project rating:

Michel Strotz
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-08-24T19:43:32Z 5
Project rating:

Vini Geraldes
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-08-17T01:40:26Z 5
Project rating:

Sushil Prasai
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-08-11T21:43:55Z 4
Project rating:

Brendyn Montgomery
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-07-12T20:14:49Z 5
Project rating:

He very methodical and helpful.

Steve Hutchings
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-07-11T21:05:29Z 5
Project rating:

Matthew Wingard
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-07-01T16:25:50Z 5
Project rating:

Ludmilla Geeraert
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-06-24T16:43:10Z 5
Project rating:

Great to work with and a big help to all of us

Gary Charles
Muntasir Mahmud 2019-06-03T21:09:50Z 5
Project rating:

Awesome support

Jason van Esso