A little about me

Hi there,

I’m Matt, founder of GloboTek – a full-service agency focusing on growing businesses through the power of the internet. Our love is WordPress & WooCommerce and we build anything and everything you can dream of.

I’m here to help you turn your vision into reality and build something brilliant with the help of my small team of designers and developers. For over 5 years we’ve worked together to produce outstanding websites that deliver outstanding results.

Our team consists of:
Matt Campbell – CEO and backend developer, business strategy development, marketing strategy development and SEO.
Andy Bell – Frontend development and design.
Dan Croft – Graphic design and web design.

Visit https://globotek.net for more information and to see the full range of services we offer.

Some of our work

Nelson Westerberg on Various Apple Devices

Nelson Westerberg

A marketing and lead generation site for US Relocation firm Nelson Westerberg. Find Out More

Houston Zoo Lights Homepage

Houston Zoo Lights

Ticket sales and informational website for Houston Zoo’s seasonal Christmas lights event. Find Out More

Customer reviews

Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2019-11-19T16:45:08Z 5
Project rating:

It was a pleasure working with Matt. He worked very hard to create what we had envisioned. Not only was he very knowledgeable and efficient in his work, but also offered his suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the process. Thank you for your hard work and support!

S agence
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2019-10-17T17:11:20Z 5
Project rating:

Matt is a genius. The project he undertook for us wasn't simple Wordpress development but a full on bespoke programming solution - don't hesitate to hire this guy.

Nick Barber
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2017-12-08T20:07:17Z 5
Project rating:

Matt is excellent to work with. He has an impressive talent for building website features that are easy for our editors to use and elegant for our visitors to experience. We have worked on several projects both large and small, and I highly recommend him.

Kara Masharani
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2020-06-16T14:05:38Z 5
Project rating:

Craig Hayes
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2020-06-08T04:58:00Z 5
Project rating:

Indre Gudzuniene
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2020-06-02T06:42:43Z 5
Project rating:

Matt was clear and knowledgeable in what he told me, helping me avoid a number of wasted hours. Well worth the money.

Pete Ames
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2020-05-30T13:26:28Z 5
Project rating:

Lukas Skarits
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2020-03-28T16:57:04Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent communication and thorough testing

Stuart Radmore
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2020-02-29T17:02:52Z 2
Project rating:

David Hornreich
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2020-02-05T05:44:47Z 4
Project rating:

Wayne Bloxham
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2020-01-17T16:02:48Z 5
Project rating:

Laurence Bruy
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2019-12-10T22:06:11Z 5
Project rating:

When I first applied, Matt was head and shoulders above the other freelancers. Since we engegaed, he's continued to deliver beyond expectations. We are now at a point to maximise on our ideas.

Derek Bier
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2019-11-22T17:43:49Z 5
Project rating:

Extremely professional and amazing communication. Highly recommend

Lindsay MacNevin
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2019-11-11T15:36:32Z 5
Project rating:

Stuart Lowman
Matt Campbell | GloboTek Ltd 2019-10-21T11:39:33Z 3
Project rating:

Missed deadlines to supply information. I paid for 60 minutes of time to discuss proposal however, call was late starting (15 minutes delay) and then began with Marr saying "I haven't got much time". Conversation lasted circa 15 minutes. Timeline to supply brief information was missed several times - despite my efforts to chase/follow up.

Tom Frizell-Shackley