I’m working with WordPress since 2010, after graduating in Information Technology at Ovidius University in Constanta. Started as an employee then as a freelancer and currently running a web development agency.
I loved WordPress since our first encounter because I found it easy to understand and highly customizable. I like to work on all kind of WordPress projects, but my favorites are the medium to large ones where I have the freedom and opportunity to build an entire part myself from scratch, either being a new functionality, or a theme, a plugin, or an entire website.
At the moment I am able to provide professional help in the following areas:

  • Theme customization and development
  • Plugin customization and development
  • Turning designs into fully functional websites
  • Responsive development
  • Load Speed optimization
  • Build e-commerce websites
  • Build membership websites
  • Website maintenance
  • API integration
  • Front-end and Back-end development
  • Plugin and theme configuration
  • Website consulting

There are also quite a lot of tools I’m familiar with, as follows:
– Woocommerce
– Woocommerce extensions (payment gateways, subscription, membership, etc.)
– Bridge theme
– Be theme
– Kalyas theme
– Yoast SEO
– Bootstrap
– MailPoet
– Divi theme
– Dokan
– Google Maps
– WpEngine
– WPBakery page builder
and more…

Customer reviews

Matei Laurentiu 2019-09-13T09:35:28Z 5
Project rating:

Craig Waldram
Matei Laurentiu 2019-08-08T09:28:22Z 5
Project rating:

Perfect and fast

Jan-Jaap Plaizier
Matei Laurentiu 2019-08-06T13:58:07Z 5
Project rating:

Andreas Sailer
Matei Laurentiu 2019-07-31T21:24:13Z 5
Project rating:

Evaluated the issue, proposed and discussed potential solutions, and implemented perfectly.

Don Glasgow
Matei Laurentiu 2019-07-26T13:26:16Z 5
Project rating:

Johan Garzon
Matei Laurentiu 2019-07-01T13:57:12Z 5
Project rating:

As always: smart solutions. Very serious work. No bugs. Brilliant!

Laurent Vonach
Matei Laurentiu 2019-07-01T05:48:16Z 5
Project rating:

Duke Newburn
Matei Laurentiu 2019-06-23T17:37:03Z 5
Project rating:

Sahil Mehta
Matei Laurentiu 2019-06-14T20:31:15Z 5
Project rating:

Rich Boos
Matei Laurentiu 2019-05-21T08:54:05Z 5
Project rating:

Matei quickly solved my problem and answered all my questions with professionalism and kindness. I worked very well with him and highly recommend him.

Lorenzo Farina
Matei Laurentiu 2019-05-09T09:31:20Z 5
Project rating:

Very helpful listened to spec and made any changes or fixes very quickly to avoid down time

Craig Waldram
Matei Laurentiu 2019-04-18T19:54:10Z 5
Project rating:

Lukas Swart
Matei Laurentiu 2019-03-25T08:34:33Z 5
Project rating:

Good communication, fast work done!

Vedran Šebečić
Matei Laurentiu 2019-03-12T15:03:08Z 5
Project rating:

Matei was great to work with and I look forward to working with him again on future projects.

Fred Scevoli
Matei Laurentiu 2019-02-11T19:28:18Z 5
Project rating:

Absolutely phenomenal service and communication by Matei Laurentiu.

Aasef Shafik