I’m a WordPress front-end /back-end developer with over 15 years of experience. I will be happy to solve your issues or develop a new feature for your website.

I am just starting here at Codeable but hiring me is not a lottery – you can find recommendations on my LinkedIn profile

Things I can help you with
Typical projects I’m involved in:
– Implementing new features to WooCommerce webshops by choosing a proper plugin, configuring it, styling to match the client’s webshop
– Implementing new sections to websites by adding new custom post types/taxonomies, creating corresponding views in theme, styling them.
– Adding new data to existing post types by ACF module
– Adding new Gutenberg blocks with custom features
– Optimizing websites performance and web vitals score by removing unnecessary CSS/JS where possible, creating an optimized custom theme with the same look but better code where the above is not enough
– Migrating website to a new host, configuring custom cloud hosting based on RunCloud, or starting from scratch.

A bit more about me
I started my career as PSD->HTML,CSS converter. Then I grew in performance/page speed knowledge (Master title obtained with thesis checking influence of HTML5/CSS3 introduction on sites performance). Later I was involved in the development of JigoShop (“grandfather” of WooCommerce). Today, most of my work is related to the development of new features, site speed optimization, hosting related tasks for long-term clients branded as OptArt. Apart from that, I’m developing and maintaining WooCommerce plugins on Codecanyon including the trending One-page shopping module.

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