Worried that your site visitors are leaving too early? Think your site should be doing a better job converting that traffic you’ve tried so hard to source?

Hey there, stranger! 👋 My name is Marc and I design websites that turn traffic into customers.

In the past 7 years, I’ve learned what it takes to get results, and I’d love to put that experience to work for you.

Here’s My Portfolio → https://clarityfirst.co/
1-Minute Video Intro → Get to know me! 📹

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🖥️ Recent Work

You can find the full list of my projects, as well as case studies on the exact steps we took to get them there on my website: https://clarityfirst.co/portfolio

Here’s a few of my favorites…

SafeSend Software

SafeSend Software

SafeSend wanted to reframe their SaaS offering to make sure that the messaging was clear, and that the site didn’t get in the way of their customers.

(Note that I did not build the final design you see here. Rather, I kicked off the project with discovery & wireframes, and then handed it off to the fantastic Luca Ottolini)

Site URL: https://www.safesendsoftware.com
Case Study: https://clarityfirst.co/portfolio/safesend-software

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BizNews wanted to dramatically simplify their site to improve the viewing experience for their customers, and make it more likely that they sign up for their premium offering.

Site URL: https://www.biznews.com
Case Study: https://clarityfirst.co/portfolio/biznews

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Reach Cambridge (Registration Flow)

Reach Cambridge (Registration Flow)

The RC team wanted me to make it trivial for prospective students to signup for a summer school experience.

Case Study: https://clarityfirst.co/portfolio/reach-cambridge

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Cointree wanted a modern, simplified experience to position itself as a leader in the digital currency space.

Case Study: https://clarityfirst.co/portfolio/cointree

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🤫 My Secret Sauce

You can rest assured knowing that I have a tried and true 3-step process from getting you from “my site is giving me problems” to “my site is an asset for my business”…

  1. Discovery: I’ll immerse myself in your business to get a detailed understanding of the context surrounding your project.
  2. Design: I’ll design your site visually, and get it in front of real people to ensure that the experience is simple and user-friendly.
  3. Development: I’ll build and test your site on most modern web and mobile browsers, then deploy it for you.

You can learn more about my process (now with videos!) on my website: https://clarityfirst.co/my-process
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🌟 Are you a good fit?

If I haven’t said this enough already, I specialize exclusively in designing and building sites that turn traffic into customers.

Typically, this includes…

  • Doing a whole bunch of customer discovery (interviews, mostly).
  • Rebuilding your on-boarding flow (if it makes sense).
  • Refactoring your site copy to make the messaging simpler (and resonate with customers).
  • Redesigning the site experience, if it’s getting in the way.

My design style leans on building clean & simple experiences that remove the hoops your customers have to jump through to start doing business with you.

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🦄 What makes me unique?

Here’s 3 strengths of mine that set me apart:

  1. I don’t prescribe solutions until I fully understand the problem. Sometimes this takes a few days, sometimes weeks. Nonetheless, it has to be done and it’s shocking to me that this is omitted so often.
  2. Radical honesty — I won’t shy away from having frank and meaningful conversations about the problems you’re facing.
  3. I seem to have a superpower that lets me distill down complex, abstract business messaging into simple ideas that resonate with customers.

In a nutshell, every pixel we build together will be aligned with specific business goals that we’ll define together, which I’ll extract after obtaining a solid understanding of the problem you’re facing through really deep and honest conversations.

My main weakness: I’m a hopeless neurotic. Although this helps me criticize my own work, oftentimes I can overcomplicate otherwise simple solutions.

I’m also allergic to gluten.

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❓ Other Questions?

Check out my FAQ for answers to the most commonly-asked questions: https://clarityfirst.co/common-questions


Customer reviews

Marc McDougall 2019-04-11T19:55:34Z 5
Project rating:

Marc was thoughtful, well spoken and considerate in listening to our challenge and offering a potential solution to moving forward. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone needing assistance with their project.

Jake Lester
Marc McDougall 2018-03-28T19:21:22Z 5
Project rating:

Marc is a real professional. Did the research and investigative work that was needed to deliver a great solution. He presented his ideas clearly, not only in his design work, but also in written and video communication. I appreciate working with people like Marc who are detail oriented and highly skilled. Will gladly work with again!

Matt Horwitz
Marc McDougall 2017-10-06T13:38:35Z 5
Project rating:

Marc is outstanding. Highly organized and effective. He is a clear and direct communicator, easy to share ideas with and brainstorm best approaches to the project. Many times throughout this project, he went above and beyond to ensure that we were on the same page and project the objectives were clear. I appreciated his willingness to schedule check-in phone calls to track progress and discuss more complicated issues. He was very comfortable and confident when making recommendations to improve the user experience on my site - always having the customer needs top of mind. I highly recommend Marc and look forward to hiring him again for my next project.

Katie Pulsifer
Marc McDougall 2020-07-20T17:42:33Z 5
Project rating:

I've worked with Marc numerous times. He is a pro. His design is best-in-class and I especially like how well he communicates and how organized he is. Thanks Marc!

Matt Horwitz
Marc McDougall 2020-07-15T17:43:00Z 5
Project rating:

Marc is professional and detail orientated. He demonstrated that he values his customers and invests himself in their projects.

Ryan Rentfro
Marc McDougall 2020-04-13T19:04:38Z 4
Project rating:

Brett Meyer
Marc McDougall 2019-09-26T13:15:00Z 5
Project rating:

Lindsay Hunter
Marc McDougall 2019-08-22T21:31:18Z 5
Project rating:

It was a pleasure working with Marc. What sets Marc apart from the rest is his thoroughness to learn and understand what is best for your business. He is an asset to any project you work on together. Looking forward to doing more work in the future.

Adam Herbert
Marc McDougall 2019-08-16T15:27:04Z 4
Project rating:

Jarek Nowyj
Marc McDougall 2019-07-16T11:03:44Z 5
Project rating:

Christian Dickman
Marc McDougall 2019-04-30T19:25:37Z 5
Project rating:

Eric Blevins
Marc McDougall 2019-04-15T17:18:52Z 4
Project rating:

Alec Beglarian
Marc McDougall 2019-04-04T17:59:18Z 5
Project rating:

Oscar Boleman
Marc McDougall 2019-04-02T19:24:38Z 5
Project rating:

Marc asked some great questions and took the time to listen to our needs and provide thoughtful, actionable feedback. Thanks again.

Donald Bucolo
Marc McDougall 2019-03-26T13:09:12Z 5
Project rating:

Marc is an incredibly thorough, thoughtful individual with a carefully crafted process for getting results.

Bob DeLisa