Mastery as a creator isn’t attainable, but it’s the pursuit which makes it meaningful.

Certified Codeable WordPress Expert Developer since March 2019

Hello, how can I add value?

Services (value) Rendered

more at ljsherlock.com

Bespoke Theme Build

anomalous.failbetter.design — built with CMB2, Twig & Timber

f3architects.com — built with CMB2, Twig & Timber

fps.org.uk — built with CMB2 , Twig & TImber

Features and Customisation

biglou.com Fullstack development for Headless WP with React site

doorhop.io Freelance Engine customisations

autosalespeoplereviews.com Custom GravityView/Forms Proximity extension

autosalespeoplereviews.com Custom GravityView/Forms Filter & Sort extension

www.penrithphysiotherapy.com.au IOS Safari bug fix + speed optimisation

hultquist-copenhagen.com Speed issues investigation and resolution

stewardessbible.com Image optimisation


lefthandroasters.com Coffee packaging redesign (illustrator)

Areas of Effectiveness

WordPress Theme Builds (performant and clean with design in mind)

WordPress Theme Design and Build (with your content and media)

Plugin Support and Customisation (GravityForms/Views)

Theme Support & Customisation (Engine Themes)

Headless WordPress CMS with React/Redux

CSS/SASS Optimisation and Refactoring

Javascript Optimisation

Website Speed Optimisation

Standards I Uphold Highly

Communication, expectations and clarity

Planning, scheduling, goal-setting and positive feedback loops (in work and life)

Discipline and diligence to my craft

It’s a process.

Joy is a constant. It is doing what we were fashioned to do, no matter the outcome.

Customer reviews

Lewis Sherlock 2020-07-29T06:24:09Z 5
Project rating:

Volodymyr Zhogov
Lewis Sherlock 2020-06-26T15:04:59Z 5
Project rating:

Mike Tedesco
Lewis Sherlock 2020-06-11T17:16:41Z 5
Project rating:

Joshua Eastman
Lewis Sherlock 2020-05-21T04:15:49Z 5
Project rating:

Quick and responsive! Thank you

Gabriel Bascom
Lewis Sherlock 2020-05-18T10:18:29Z 5
Project rating:

Bonnie Wolf
Lewis Sherlock 2020-05-11T17:06:56Z 5
Project rating:

Gabriel Bascom
Lewis Sherlock 2020-05-10T12:36:40Z 5
Project rating:

Lewis is super awesome, and he did a lot to help resolve my issue. Super clear communication. Thank you Lewis.

segun victor aina
Lewis Sherlock 2020-02-15T11:00:26Z 5
Project rating:

Lewis Sherlock 2019-09-24T13:19:07Z 5
Project rating:

Great to work with.

John Kelly
Lewis Sherlock 2019-09-14T20:16:30Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent freelancer that is focused on creating value. Lewis clearly communicates and plans the work that needs to be done before developing solutions to problems.

Kenneth Prince
Lewis Sherlock 2019-08-29T13:11:43Z 5
Project rating:

Lewis spent a lot of time and took great care to properly prepare his proposals and follow-up questions. His communication is top notch, as well as his development skills. I will be back for more!

John Kelly
Lewis Sherlock 2019-07-26T10:34:22Z 5
Project rating:

Really got to the solution quickly and within the budget allocated. Also able to investigate some other issues I was having and give some suitable guidance. Highly recommend!

Jaredq Reyes
Lewis Sherlock 2019-06-09T16:12:20Z 5
Project rating:

We have worked with several developers with specific emphasis on our type of solution. Sherlock has brought an unbelievable amount of skill to help us create and refine the functionality that we have been looking for. Working with Sherlock has indeed been a huge relief and we are so thankful for all the tireless effort he's contributed. In short, he has completely surpassed what we were expecting and hoping for. We already have more work lined up for him! Looking forward to the road ahead.

Bob Perez
Lewis Sherlock 2019-03-28T08:08:14Z 5
Project rating:

Lasse Jensen
Lewis Sherlock 2019-03-11T09:37:49Z 5
Project rating:

Excellent developer. Crystal clear communication. Would recommend Lewis for your project.

Kenneth Prince