# In every problem lies an opportunity, and I love the satisfaction of helping clients solve a problem.

Hello my name is Karen, and as of October 2017 I officially became a Certified Codeable Expert Developer. I have been working in the industry for over 7 years, and have developed a wide range of skills. I’m a fully transparent, tell it like it is developer, who is looking to get you to your end result in the most effective way possible. I will never try to sell you on something you don’t need.

Codeable Certificate


My skills include (but are not limited to):
* Design to WordPress
* WordPress Conversion
* Site Migration / Hosting Transfer
* Website Management
* Mobile Responsiveness
* Maintenance
* Security Audits / Site Hardening
* Hacking Cleanup

Design to WordPress
I love nothing more than to help transform a flat design into an interactive masterpiece. I will gladly partner with your designer, or work from a supplied design (PSD, AI, etc). All my websites are fully responsive, SEO optimized and catered to your specific needs.

WordPress Conversions
Similar to Design to WordPress, I can take any current site you might have on the web, and recreate it using WordPress. This will include copying over any SEO you might have had so you don’t lose your search presence.

Site Migration / Hosting Transfer
Whatever your reasons for wanting to move your site, I can help. I have transferred so many sites over the years I’ve lost track, and can probably give you some decent recommendations on a good replacement host.

Website Management
You can do anything, but not everything. Let me manage your content and website updates for you so you can focus on the rest of your business. I can make updates on an as needed bases, or we can setup a predetermined block of time.

Mobile Responsiveness
All websites I create new are made fully responsive, but what if you have a website already and just need it updated for mobile devices? I can help! I will be fully honest and let you know if it will take more time to make your site responsive, or if it would be easier to just start from scratch. Either way, you’ll end up with a device friendly website.

Every website needs maintenance, how vigilant you are determines how safe your site is. I can take care of the boring technical updates for you. This can be done on an as needed bases, or we can setup a schedule. I recommend once a month at minimum.

Security Audits / Site Hardening
Unless your site has been built by an expert, odds are there is a security hole somewhere. I can audit your site for you to let you know where you should be concerned, and then go in and fix the issue before major problems arise.

Hacking Cleanup
While we all like to think our websites are impenetrable, this unfortunately isn’t the case. I can help you clean up, protect, and get your site restored back to good health.

# Everything you’ve ever wanted, is one step outside your comfort zone. Let’s take that step together.

Customer reviews

Karen Gill 2017-12-29T14:05:23Z 5
Project rating:

Karen went above my expectations. I could not be more pleased with her work. I would highly recommend Karen, she was very professional and completed the job extremely fast.

William Acton
Karen Gill 2017-12-20T18:50:44Z 5
Project rating:

Karen is just too Awesome! I've never met another like her. Her suggestions and work ethics are on-point. I would recommend her services to all. Thank you so much Karen.Warren.

Warren Spencer
Karen Gill 2017-09-22T14:32:25Z 5
Project rating:

First and foremost I found Karen to be an excellent developer who is clearly highly skilled in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress. She did an excellent job in meeting my technical requirements. Secondly and perhaps just as importantly Karen was a fantastic communicator who asked all of the right questions to clarify my requirements and who was able to clearly communicate the technical solutions that were possible. Karen carried out the work needed on budget and well within the deadline I set. She also provided very helpful documentation and advice along the way. I would highly recommend her and am very happy with the high quality of the work she carried out on my WordPress site.

Thomas Hanley
Karen Gill 2018-12-08T10:17:39Z 5
Project rating:

carolyn mullet
Karen Gill 2018-12-07T03:45:11Z 5
Project rating:

Karen has been terrific both in her communication and sheer knowledge of the intricacies of WordPress. Will definitely continue to hire her.

Melissa Jacobs
Karen Gill 2018-11-02T10:56:50Z 5
Project rating:

Karen is one of the most effective and skilled programmers I know. I would not use anyone else.

Peter Hall
Karen Gill 2018-09-18T18:46:42Z 5
Project rating:

she's excellent!

Christina Kraimer
Karen Gill 2018-08-27T11:40:48Z 5
Project rating:

she is awesome!

Christina Kraimer
Karen Gill 2018-07-02T22:51:49Z 5
Project rating:

I just needed a small fix to start and Karen was fast, communicated clearly, fair in price, and got the job done. I would work with her again.

Cal Christensen
Karen Gill 2018-06-24T01:16:35Z 5
Project rating:

Karen was awesome. She communicated incredibly well, followed the plan she had laid out and continuously checked in to make sure I was happy through the process. I have really enjoyed working with her, night and day in comparison to other freelancers I've interacted with before! Thank you Karen.

Rory Buck
Karen Gill 2018-06-18T18:07:29Z 5
Project rating:

Have used her before. Don't have to repeat myself. She knows her stuff and is very reliable.

Peter Hall
Karen Gill 2018-06-12T20:12:27Z 5
Project rating:

William Acton
Karen Gill 2018-05-19T17:36:41Z 5
Project rating:

It was a simple task, but the theme required some additional programming to allow the presence another social media icon. Karen recognizes what needed to be done and within 48 hours had completed it!

Peter Hall
Karen Gill 2018-05-18T20:03:35Z 5
Project rating:

Karen ascertained everything we needed, proposed a workable solution, and executed it right on schedule. Would hire her again in an instant.

Peter Hall
Karen Gill 2018-05-10T22:17:59Z 5
Project rating:

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