Codeable Expert Jure Rožman

Quick Bio

I am a full-stack developer with over 8 years of experience currently working as a lead developer on probably one of the biggest (in terms of traffic and daily orders) WordPress / Woocommerce sites in Europe.

My previous experience includes web development in a web hosting company where I was responsible for handling all WordPress related tasks and requests.

I have also worked with clients from all over the world as a freelancer.

Areas of expertise


  • custom development and customizations
  • speed optimizations
  • plugin development / modifications
  • custom theme development
  • fixing problems
  • child theme creation
  • malware cleanup


  • conversion rate optimization
  • increase average order value
  • plugin development / modifications

Custom Development (Laravel & Vue)

  • centralized dashboards / reporting for multiple WordPress / Woocommerce sites
  • SMS / Email automatization (upsells, etc.)
  • other development tasks that you may need

Email Deliverability

  • setting up external SMTP senders with good IP reputation and SenderScore
  • general deliverability consultation

Customer reviews

Jure Rožman 2019-05-29T18:29:20Z 5
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Bryan Whitford
Jure Rožman 2019-05-29T18:28:13Z 5
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Bryan Whitford
Jure Rožman 2019-05-02T17:11:54Z 4
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saleh basoodan
Jure Rožman 2019-04-30T20:31:01Z 5
Project rating:

I had never worked with a programmer over the internet, and it was also my first time with Codeable. All I have to say is I couln't be happier with the decision I made. He was very proactive and not only seamlessly did everything I asked for, but also gave me his input and suggestions about what I could improve on my project. Moreover, he was very pleasent to work with. Would, and probably will, 100% work with him again.

Marina Espindola
Jure Rožman 2019-04-23T23:15:18Z 5
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Andre Abajian
Jure Rožman 2019-04-20T18:30:42Z 5
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Brittany Thoms