The most important thing to know about me as a developer is that it is always my top priority to find the most elegant and expedient solutions for my clients, no matter what technical challenges they may face!


I was first introduced to WordPress while working as the webmaster for the Computer Science Department at the University of Rhode Island in 2006, so I have been happily coding on the platform for the better part of 14 years!

Brief Professional History

Luckily, I have had the privilege to work in many diverse areas/companies, such as:

  • The developer of a reverse auction site for used car parts.
  • The core maintainer of a middle-tier service linking a proprietary database to a web front-end.
  • A developer tasked with reverse engineering and enhancing a popular massively multi-player online role-playing game.
  • The CTO of a marketing agency serving myriad clients, from small one-person startups to enterprise real estate management firms.
  • The senior architect of an email marketing SaaS platform.
  • The lead engineer of an online multiplayer collectible card game.
  • A senior engineer for advertising and brand management-related services at an international credit card company.

This has allowed me to ramp up on many of the core technologies needed for today’s web, including:

  • HTML, CSS and vanilla JS (the basics)
  • PHP, jQuery and MySQL (the WordPress basics)
  • Node.js, React and Electron (the fun new backend and frontend technologies)
  • Java and C/C++ (the standard enterprise languages every developer should know)
  • x86 assembly and IDA (reverse engineering 101)

Fun Facts

  • I am a die-hard Star Wars fan, so my close friends call me Jedi.
  • I am frequently described as a man who thinks “outside-of-the-box”, since I come up with novel solutions to problems.
  • I play a mean saxophone! 😉

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Great job!

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