Hey there!

I’m Jessica…I help web designers and agencies focus on creativity and client satisfaction by providing custom WordPress theme development and maintenance services. (Basically, I do the nerdy work.)

With over a decade of experience, I may be new to Codeable, but I’m not new to creating user-friendly websites for fabulous small business owners. I’ve learned a thing or two over the years and I look forward to helping you out.

But that’s not all…

My value goes far beyond my development skills and that’s why my clients tend to stick around. You’re not hiring a robot, you’re hiring a person. Here’s what I bring to the table:

  • As a natural problem solver, I offer unique solutions to whatever you’re trying to solve. Quick fixes aren’t my go-to, rather I prefer to proceed with whatever is going to provide the best, longest-lasting result.
  • I’m a better listener than a speaker. I truly hear what you’re saying (and even what you’re not saying). This allows me to quickly grasp what’s important to you.
  • I prefer to think of my work relationships as collaborations. I become truly invested in your project and the end result. When we work together, everyone wins.
  • I stick by my word. I won’t agree to do anything that I’m not confident I can complete to satisfaction and on time.

Want to hear what my clients have to say first hand?

I came to Jessica needing to fix a few major problems with my website, and we ended up going with a full overhaul of the site, leaving me with a website that I am 100 percent in love with. Everything she has done has been great. She quickly responded to all my feedback, and fixed every problem we came across. We had a video chat to go through each section of the new website, so that I could see it all and ask questions as we went. When we decided that the website was ready, Jessica left me with all the information I would need to handle the website on my own. Any questions I’ve had since we finished working, she has answered quickly. I’ve thanked the friend who sent her my way so many times, and am so glad we had the chance to work together.
Allison O.

First off let me say – you are an absolutely genius!! This is the most accurate to mockup site I’ve ever received from a developer – thank you, thank you!!!
Alyssa G.

Jessi R.

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