Why am I the right developer for you?

I am a very well rounded developer, and administrator. I can not only develop and build out the front end and the back end of your website, but I can also build out and maintain the server that hosts your site as well. This intimate understand of all aspects of the full-stack of the server and the sites running on it, allows me to provide custom solutions and integrations that are just not possible with from wordpress plugins alone. If you are looking for someone that can see and tackle your project from any and all angles, I am your man. Below is some more details about my skillset.

I am a website application developer

Starting with the design files provided by your graphic designer, I will build your theme, using a custom starter theme that I have created, or if you prefer, a theme of your choosing. I write all of the CSS (actually SCSS) and build your theme’s front end and backend code by hand. I can also develop custom plugins as needed, and I am well versed in the use and integration of most of the industry standard plugins like woocommerce, ACF, etc.

I also believe deeply in “designing” the backend of your site as well. I spend a lot of time organizing and simplifying the user interface of the wordpress admin. I find that if a client cant use the backend to update their site, then all of the time and effort spent on developing a beautiful front end is wasted because it will get stale, and never updated. This is bad for the client, and the developer alike, and it can lead to hard feelings. So, I like to make sure that my customers are very comfortable with both the front end, and the back end of the project when delivered.

If you need someone to develop your site, theme, plugin, or build out a custom solution of any kind, I can help.

I am a system administrator and a website security specialist

I run my own linux server, as well as two other servers that belong to clients of mine. I administer the maintenance, security, and all of the other aspects of their operation.

I am obsessed with security. I believe that security of a wordpress site is equally as important as design and performance. I have written a half dozen BASH scripts that run on these servers every night and report on scans that the script runs. I scan the server for malware using, Clamscan/LMD/RKhunter, and I have created scripts that reads every public facing file on the server, checking for alterations, and permission changes, and automatically repairing them on the fly. I have written other BASH scripts that automatically backup and transfer the backups of the site files and databases to a dropbox for off-site storage. I do it this way because using plugins like backupbuddy, while great for the end user, end up creating hundreds if not thousands of cron jobs for each and every site, and ultimately end up slowing everything down. Doing the backups and off-site deployment via cli scripts is infinitely faster than plugin solutions.

If you need someone to manage your server, or build out a custom integration, I can help.

I am a website optimization specialist

I believe deeply in site performance. Most of my clients aren’t willing to pay me to take their sites from 85 to 95 or higher on google pagespeed, but I know how to. If you check my company’s website (flagstaffconnection.com) it consistently gets a score of 95 or higher on desktop page speed insights. But I also do everything I can to keep performance and speed in mind when building my custom code. It is clear today that speed is crucially important factor in the success and profitability of any site.

If you need someone to help you greatly improve your performance, and I can help.


• Expert in PHP, XML, HTML, CSS & most JavaScript based languages
• Expert in all things Wordpress
• Custom Wordpress plugin development
• Custom Wordpress theme developer
• Expert in the administration and management of Linux based web servers.
• Extremely proficient in the Linux Command Line, Git Version control, and WP-cli
• Very experienced in MySQL database design and database driven web application development.

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