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Jeet is the founder & lead code-slinger at WeCodify Co.. With more than 8 years of experience with WordPress, he develops engaging, functional and efficient front-end/back-end solutions for clients all over the world. He’s also a 3 times award-winning author at Codecanyon and Themeforest while creating innovative products which powers thousands of WordPress installations.

He has much experience with creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems and having worked on small-scale projects to enterprise projects he knows the best of both worlds. You can take a look at some his recent works below:

The Big Fruit | Design | E-Commerce | Development | WIP

ZipMoney Australia | Design | Development

Comfort Cooked | Design | Development | WIP

PCCS School | Design | Development

WordPress VIP : XWP | Development | Design Changes

Divvy Parking Australia | Development | API Integration

Mary E. Conn Development

Manx SPCA Design | Development

Magdalena Roze Design | Development

Flourish Retreats Development

Tajmer Bookings Denmark | Development

Russell And Hill Attorneys | Design | Development

Global Awakening | Development | SEO

Scott Bales | Design | Development

DUI Jim | Design | Development

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Customer reviews

Jeet Saha 2018-10-26T03:37:11Z 5
Project rating:

After going through several developers prior, finding Jeet and Codeables was a godsend. Jeet has been fantastic, technically brilliant, polite and accommodating, and has done such an amazing job, i would totally recommend both him and Codeables, we know who to contact for our next projects, can't speak highly enough of the amazing service from Codeables, and skill of their developers. 5 Stars from us!

Nathan Wardell
Jeet Saha 2018-08-14T18:50:09Z 5
Project rating:

Jeet was awesome to work with! He jumped right in and worked hard to understand our complex project. We also had a tight deadline and he pulled through to make sure things got done on time. He was patient with our own shortcomings as well and made the whole process easy. I am actually a WordPress guy myself, and I can say that he understands his craft and carries out his work professionally and knowledgeably. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Grant Zabriskie
Jeet Saha 2016-03-30T20:53:59Z 5
Project rating:

Jeet was EXCELLENT. A real professional. Amazing work ethic, dedicated, created a website we are so proud of. Has the capability to do so much for the client and a very clear way of explaining everything. Solved problems quickly and set us up in every way we needed. Highly, highly recommended!!!

Deborah Dickson
Jeet Saha 2019-01-15T15:26:43Z 5
Project rating:

Caroline Tully
Jeet Saha 2019-01-15T15:26:19Z 5
Project rating:

Caroline Tully
Jeet Saha 2019-01-10T15:57:42Z 5
Project rating:

Tim McIlvain
Jeet Saha 2018-12-18T17:18:53Z 5
Project rating:

Nice job

eduard escolar
Jeet Saha 2018-11-17T07:08:32Z 5
Project rating:


deborah douglas
Jeet Saha 2018-11-16T20:48:51Z 5
Project rating:

Geoey Cook
Jeet Saha 2018-11-05T15:51:53Z 5
Project rating:

Wonderful experience. Perfect communication. Will plan to work with again.

Liran Baron
Jeet Saha 2018-08-30T05:18:45Z 5
Project rating:

Fantastic communication, got me exactly what I wanted. Very adaptable and overcame the obstacles during development, also very patient and willing to help out.Top work!

Jonathan Petts
Jeet Saha 2018-08-28T00:55:21Z 5
Project rating:

Jeet was very responsive, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Nicole Graham
Jeet Saha 2018-08-27T13:57:37Z 5
Project rating:

Matthew Evans
Jeet Saha 2018-08-05T18:21:57Z 5
Project rating:

Jeet is very professional, patient and articulate. He went the extra mile to double check a fault that he was sure wasn't from his work. That was very much appreciated. He also explained in detail when and where necessary. I fully recommend his work.

Tobias Hussey
Jeet Saha 2018-07-26T20:27:24Z 5
Project rating:

Good to work with.

Deborah Fiorentino